CAMELEON promotes the idea of a society in which children grow up with dignity, with their human rights respected, and in which adults are independent, responsible and benevolent towards them.


Founded in 1997, CAMELEON is an international solidarity association with the goal of helping abused and disadvantaged children.

The association, with the support of its partners, its regional offices, and its sponsors works for:

  • The protection, rehabilitation and reintegration of children victim of sexual abuse, as well as the social support for their families.
  • The education, health, professional integration, and independence for disadvantaged youths and their families.
  • Raising awareness on Children’s rights, the prevention of mistreatment and sexual abuse among the general public, decision-makers, politicians and the media.

CAMELEON shares its expertise to promote the development of outside initiatives within its area of work.






Caring calls for warmth, tolerance and listening to, being non-judgmental and keeping safe from harm, both morally and physically.

CAMELEON is committed to:

  • Being attentive to the needs of others
  • Being attentive to the needs of others
  • Putting the interests of others ahead of personal values and interests
For CAMELEON, commitment is a sign of courage, determination and conviction in the long-term.

This is reflected in the selfless dedication of our volunteers and staff, whose goal is to help and guide children and their families to a better future.

Ethics, for CAMELEON, is the respect of people and cultures. Ethics is also the trust in the other and in their capacity for learning, finding their place in society and, in the long-term, being independent.

Donations, sharing and exchanges embody CAMELEON’s humanistic and ethical approach.

Responsibility means the expression of rights and duties of all stakeholders in the organisation. It is the ability to react and be held accountable for one’s actions.

At CAMELEON we are:

  • Responsible for the children under our care
  • Responsible for the funds and the donations from our partners and sponsors who trust us and with whom we communicate in all transparency on their allocation and use
  • Responsible for the quality of our programs and the service provided
  • Responsible for CAMELEON’s brand image throughout the world and its integrity
« I chose the name « CAMELEON » because it represents our mission: like chameleon changes color to adapt to its environment, we help children transform themselves physically and morally, away from their disadvantaged past and toward a better future ».Laurence Ligier, Director and Founder of CAMELEON

Means of taking action

We actively campaign and take concrete actions for the respect of Children’s rights and their dignity.

With this goal in mind, our day-to-day work consists of:

  • Establishing social, educational and local development programs to protect, educate and (re)integrate abused and disadvantaged children, supporting their families, reinforcing their independence, and developing new economic opportunities for local communities.
  • Organizing sponsorship and donation campaigns, evaluating our programs’ impact on the beneficiaries, supporting our volunteers, creating partnerships and finding donors etc.
  • Raising civil society’s awareness of Children’s rights by warning, informing and alerting media, public authorities, institutions and public opinion.

2014 Key figures

beneficiaries (children and families)

What makes us unique

  • Individual sponsorship, a strong and lasting bond contributing to the child’s (re)habilitation
  • Long-term support of the children (3 to 10 years)
  • Sports and circus therapy
  • Local management and on-site implementation of our programs


Awards received by CAMELEON Association
  • Award from the French Ministry of Sports, Youth, Popular Education and Community Life
  • Award from the Air France Foundation
  • Award for International Solidarity through Sports from the French Agency for Education through Sport
Awards received by Laurence Ligier, Founder of CAMELEON Association
  • Knight of the French Legion of Honor
  • Knight of the French National Order of Merit
  • French Presidential Award for Community Involvement and Community Service
  • Philippine Presidential Award
  • Clarins Femme Dynamisante Award
  • The Audacity Trophee (Trophée de l’Audace)