CAMELEON believes it is essential for children to know their rights in order to ensure their own protection and that of other children. That is why, since 2014, the association wishes to promote the engagement of school-age children by raising awareness of the situations of other children around the world and the challenges to international solidarity.

We propose an educational supplement through different games and workshops to teachers and heads of institutions. Conducted by volunteers of the association, our educational session allows students to address children’s rights in class in a simple, fun, and creative way, while promoting the education of the duties and inherent responsibility to their quality of little citizen. Our objective is to form future citizens of the world by providing them with the keys to understand and decide the role they want to play.

Our Awareness and Prevention workshops in schools

Since 2014 in the Philippines, the Child advocates, also called Voice of Cameleon’s Children (VCC), intervene in schools and in public spaces in order to raise awareness among the local population of children’s rights.

CAMELEON wished to continue this process starting in the Philippines to implement its actions in French schools. The association has put in place workshops to raise awareness of the rights and duties of children as well as the notion of international solidarity among students in elementary schools (ages 6 to 11) and middle schools (12 to 15). Learning by experience and games, adapted educational tools as well as dynamic and caring volunteers allow students to discover their rights and duties through the notions of solidarity, commitment, respect, violence or of equality. The Snakes and ladders of the Little Citizen, Memory without Borders, Pictionary of Rights, etc. and other games as well are utilized by the volunteers trained in children’s rights.

  • During the 2016-2017 school year: 8 educational sessions within 4 classes in 3 elementary schools
  • Raised awareness of children’s rights in 109 children and 4 teachers


  • Do you wish to organize an educational session in your school? Contact us at 00 33 (0)1 43 22 35 92 or benevoles@cameleon-association.org and we will present you with our workshops with pleasure!

Children’s Rights Day

Every year, on November 20, CAMELEON celebrates children’s rights. Schools in the Philippines, France, Switzerland all announce several fun contests including poetry, design, art, etc. that allow children to creatively express themselves concerning children’s rights!

  • 2014 : drawing contest “Draw me an chameleon”
  • 2015 : poetry contest “In a world of color, all children…”
  • 2016 : poster contest “Display your rights”


Actions of Solidarity

Schools aware of our cause and of our efforts to raise awareness can also organize actions of solidarity. These events helps us disperse CAMELEON’s message in favor of children’s rights and raise funds to help us implement our programs. Rice bowls, charity fair, carnivals, exhibitions, lotteries, clothing donations, etc. are all welcomed ideas to share our cause!

  • 2017 : Action Rice bowls for the school group of Caousou (Toulouse). One day, after raising awareness to children of inequality and child malnutrition in the world, the school canteens offered a meal of only rice and fruits. The profits brought in by the canteen tickets went to the association. 70 classes, 2099 students were made aware of the condition of other children throughout the world.


  • Do you have a great idea and wish to organize a solidarity event and raise funds for CAMELEON in your school? Contact us at 00 33 (0)1 43 22 35 92 or benevoles@cameleon-association.org.