Why become a volunteer?

Want to get involved for a worthy cause, either in France or in the Philippines? You are seeking an internship and you are interested in our association? We need you!

Read all our OPEN POSITIONS for voluntary service, internships and jobs! (French)

In France

In France, more than 70 volunteers work with us each year: 40 are present on a regular basis and the rest come occasionally for CAMELEON events. They participate with joy and enthusiasm in our great adventure.
Volunteers are essential driving forces for the association, thus we permanently seek more volunteers, whether for one event or on a regular basis!
We need volunteers on a regular basis, especially in the fields of administrative work/management, graphic design, video, photography, events planning, web, writing, computer science/networks, logistics, fundraising, etc.

In the Philippines

Over 30 volunteers travel each year to the Philippines. They participate in the Center’s everyday life. The children, the families and the CAMELEON team in the field benefit from their know-how and skills. As for the volunteers, they return home enriched by an unforgettable experience.
Our association is currently seeking fluent English-speaking volunteers who are willing to get involved with CAMELEON in the Philippines.

The following profiles are of particular interest:
> Managers in various fields (finance, fundraising, event planning)
> Entertainers (for summer camp, theater, dance, circus, sports, singing, music, sewing, handicraft)
> Medicine students
> Nurses
> Psychologists
> Teachers
> Communications professionals (graphic designer, videographer, photograph)
> Construction professionals (for reconstruction projects)
> Computer specialists