Legal Status

CAMELEON France is a French non-profit organization (registered under the 1901 Law on associations of general interest) and registered charity, authorized to receive donations. Sponsors with tax liability in France are eligible to benefit from tax rebates of:

  • 75% of the amount donated, up to a limit of 529€
  • 66% of any amount donated in excess of 529€

limited to of 20 % per year of taxable revenue (CGI art. 200; BOFiP-IR-RICI-250-12/09/2012).

In this way, a 30€ donation will only cost you 10€.

Our role and actions

CAMELEON France is in charge of:

  • Fundraising
  • Sponsorships
  • Recruitment and training of volunteers (including interns)
  • Organization of events aiming to increase awareness of CAMELEON’s work
  • Mobilization of students and pupils
  • Communication towards the general public
  • Management of CAMELEON’s other offices


L’ équipe permanente

A permanent team of 6 members:
Founder and Director: Laurence LIGIER
Head of operations, partnerships and communication: Matiada NGALIKPIMA
Head of donors relations and fundraising: Mathilde SIMONIN
Head of individual sponsorships: Eulalie BESCH
Head of school relations & Volunteers’ coordinator: Maeva DUBOIS
Head of finance and administration: Jean-Yves LOISEL
Société Ogive: represented by Mr. Vincent MORLEY-PEGGE


Board of Directors

President: Jean-Pierre JOLIVOT
Vice-president: Marguerite CHEVAT
Secretary: Violaine MONTMARCHE
Vice-secretary: Philippe BERTRAND
Treasurer: Noëlle COUGET
Active members: Catherine RENARD, Séverine TAILHANDIER CAZORLA, Ivana TOSIC, Dietrich BERSTECHER



CAMELEON France works with the help of 40 regular volunteers who bring support to the development of the association’s various and numerous actions (associative life, the sale of handicraft, local partnerships, relations with the schools, translations …). The team also includes around 30 occasional volunteers who help organize events for CAMELEON on an ad-hoc basis. Learn more on how to become a volunteer


    Our Partners

    Corporations / Foundations / Community Clubs

    Aloes Red
    Apprentis d’ Auteuil
    Au bonheur du fouineur
    Ateliers Apicius
    Be Human
    BNP Paribas
    Chefs Feed Kids
    Club Soroptimist (Chalon-sur-Saône)
    Cocktail Scandinave
    Corporate Editions
    CV Centre GMBH (Suisse)
    Editions Livres du Monde
    Eliza les ailes du voyage
    Fondation Accentus
    Fondation Air France
    Fondation Alta Mare
    Fondation Amanjaya
    Fondation Brageac Solidarité
    Fondation de France
    Fondation Ebay
    Fondation Elle
    Fondation ENGIE
    Fondation Ombrie
    Fondation Première Pierre
    Fondation Raja-Danièle Marcovici
    Fondation René Lacoste
    Fondation Roi Baudouin
    Fondation Servir
    Karfigest SA
    KPMG Luxembourg
    Lagardère Publicités
    Lagardère Métropole
    Le Réflexe Solidaire
    Léonard Paris
    Lever de Rideau
    Mondadori Magazines
    Nathalie Com Event
    On Board for Kids
    One Heart Channel Communication
    Rotary Club Avranches
    Rotary Club Korbach-Bad Arolsen
    Rotary Club Paris Quai d’Orsay
    Scouts et Guides de France (Groupe le Rheu)
    Secret de Cour
    Société des éditions Menges
    Taille Basse Production

    Institutions / Schools / Associations

    Agency for the Education through Sports
    Alta Mare
    Embassy of France in the Philippines
    Embassy of Philippines in France
    American Cathedral of Paris&Junior Guild
    Appel Bon Sauveur
    Apôtres de l’amour
    Association Arc-en-ciel
    Association Skals
    Collège David Niepce (Sennecey-le-Grand)
    Collège Jean Vilar (Chalon-sur-Saône)
    Conseil Régional de Bourgogne
    Coopération Humanitaire Luxembourg
    Donnons-leur une chance
    Ecole Internationale de Paris
    Energy Assistance (Belgique)
    ESSEC Asie Alumni
    France Bénévolat
    Giving Women (Suisse)
    Hiligaynon Association
    Hope and Love
    Infants del Mon (Andorre)
    Institut le Rosey (Rolle, Suisse)
    IUT Laon
    IAE Lille
    La Chaîne du Coeur
    Les Enfants du Mékong
    La voix de l’Enfant
    Le Grand Chalon
    Lycée Hilaire de Chardonnet (Chalon-sur-Saône)
    Lycée Mathias (Chalon-sur-Saône)
    Passerelles et Compétences
    Phare Ponleu Selpak (PPS)
    Stop aux Violences Sexuelles
    Talents & Partage
    Union Fédérale des Anciens Combattants
    Ville de Pussy (Suisse)

    Make a donation

    Make a donation online:

    Make a donation by bank transfer:
    RIB: 30004 01428 00010011617 09
    IBAN: FR76 3000 4014 2800 0100 1161 709

    Make a donation by cheque:
    Please make payable to « Association CAMELEON » and send to:
 : 9 rue Bezout
 – 75014 Paris, 

    Contact us

    82, rue Philibert Guide
    71100 Chalon sur Saône
    Tel: 03 85 48 87 65

    CAMELEON France Office
    9 rue Bezout
    75014 Paris
    Tel: 00 33 (0)1 43 22 35 92 / 00 33 (0)9 77 47 92 39

    Laurence LIGIER
    Founder and Director

    Matiada NGALIKPIMA
    Head of operations, partnerships and communication

    Mathilde SIMONIN
    Donors relations and fundraising

    Eulalie BESCH
    Head of individual sponsorships

    Maeva DUBOIS
    Head of school relations and volunteers

    Jean-Yves LOISEL
    Head of finance and administration

    Marguerite CHEVAT
    Vice-President CHAMELEON France
    Référente Région Bourgogne
    Tel: 00 33 (3) 85 48 87 65