Legal Status

CAMELEON Luxembourg is a non-profit association.

Our actions

The association’s goals are:

  • To support development initiatives and humanitarian cooperation in the Philippines, by forging close links with institutions receiving its aid and organizing cultural exchanges with local nationals, to the best of its ability.
  • To inform and raise awareness among the public opinion organizing seminars and debates about its activities.
  • To gather and allocate funds to programs in order to achieve projects.
  • To collaborate with other associations and Non-Governmental Organizations who have the same goals.

The association is committed to pursuing its actions in Luxembourg and in the Philippines while remaining strictly politically ideologically and religiously neutral.

Our team

A team of volunteers:

The board of directors

Véronique Hoffeld: director
Laurence Ligier: co-director
Claude Favre: treasurer
Jennifer Beaulieu: active member

Our resources

4 sponsorships and private donations

Our partners

Coopération Humanitaire Luxembourg
Luxembourg’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Development and Humanitarian Action Cooperation
Etude Loyens & Loeff
Fondation NIF

Make a donation to CAMELEON Luxembourg

To make a donation to CHL/ CAMELEON Luxembourg via bank transfer:
IBAN: LU88 0030 1137 5811 0000

CAMELEON Luxembourg has forged a partnership with Coopération Humanitaire Luxembourg (CHL). CHL is a non-profit association created in 1996. It enjoys the status of Non-Governmental Organization (NGDO) granted by the Cooperation Ministry of Luxembourg, the Development Co-operation directorate under the article 7 of Act of 6 January 1978.

Donations to NGDO-CHL for CAMELEON Luxembourg are tax deductible.

Contact us

5, chemin d’Aspelt
L-5740 Filsdorf

Contact :
Véronique Hoffeld
Tel: (0035)26 91 44 04 44