Program overview

Objective: Support the education of disadvantaged children, as well as the development of their families and rural communities in Passi and the surrounding areas

CAMELEON builds educational sponsorship program for disadvantaged children aged between 10-24 years old (80% are girls, 20% boys). Their parents contribute 30% of the auxiliary costs for their children’s schooling (school trips, field trips etc.).. CAMELEON helps children go to school, and older students pursue their degrees or professional training. It supports revenue-generating micro-projects by providing initial technical training to parents. It also teaches and reminds parents of their duties and responsibilities to their children. And, in the case of emergency, it provides response services.

CAMELEON organizes monthly follow-up meetings with parent representatives in the 13 villages. It regularly offers family training days on fostering good parent-child relations, and promoting healthy values.

CAMELEON training center in Iloilo is open to youths and parents alike (IT courses, cooking, beauty school, landscaping, resume editing, professional interview coaching etc.).

Cost for one beneficiary in this program : 615 $

Path towards education and development



Local population (youths, families, local community)

Average duration

2 to 10 years


Passi, San Enrique, Bingawan


    Academic support throughout school and university for disadvantaged children from the outlaying village communities


    Medical follow up (vaccination, treatments, dentistry, prevention, hygiene, sexual education)


    Professional training for both children and their families in specialized schools or in CAMELEON’s learning resource center in Iloilo (information and Technology, English, cooking, sewing, handicraft). Help for families to start-up income generating projects and find jobs.


    Training for parents to remind them of their duties and responsibilities towards their children


    Help for families in need in case of death or accident, help repairing or rebuilding housing in case of natural disaster

Key facts 2014

310 beneficiary youths
228 youths are at the university
56 youths received university diplomas
36 youths have received vocational training
64 youths in professional training received awards for their school work


Ella May lives in San Enrique, a village close to CAMELEON centers. She is still young but very determined and courageous. She has been part of the program since 5th grade. To date, she has been sponsored for eight years and, all being well, this will continue until the end of her studies.

My life at CAMELEON…

« Without CAMELEON, I couldn’t study properly. My family have too many financial problems. CAMELEON helps us, not only by paying for my studies, but also for the necessary repairs to the house. Read more (French)

“I hope to become a teacher. I want to teach children how to read and write because these are important foundations in life. And, if they work hard, it can be the first step to their success. I am aware of the situation of certain children who cannot go to school because they work or because they don’t have the means. I therefore had the idea of bringing together these children at weekends, when they are free, in order to give them lessons. I was supported by CAMELEON and I had the opportunity to carry on learning! I wish more children could have this opportunity, and I’m ready to give up my own time to work towards this.”
Ella May, 17 years old, 2nd year of University, major in Education