Health is a priority for CAMELEON. The association provides quality medical care to every child in its programs. In addition, it supports the children’s families as well as the inhabitants of neighboring villages by teaching them the first principals of hygiene and disease prevention.
Girls in the Reintegration and Independence Program regularly benefit from courses about nutrition, disease prevention, hygiene, and first aid. Every year, young children and teenagers receive training to promote health amongst their peer group.

The association regularly organizes information meetings on health and disease prevention (detection and prevention of diseases, STD prevention, sex and hygiene good practice, first aid).

CAMELEON has also entered into an official partnership with the City of Passi to build a health center for adolescents dedicated to sex education, whose goal is to prevent early pregnancy and STDs.

Total cost of the program : 38 750 $

Key facts 2014

Over 2000 beneficiaries
450 vaccines administered
211 people received blood tests
192 parents trained in first aid
152 professionals and parents trained in prevention and screening for communicable diseases
74 health professionals and parents trained to better nutrition
50 girls receiving treatment for psychological disorders including 35 undergoing psychotherapy


Josiphine Paborada is the mother of one of CAMELEON’s sponsored child and chief of her community in Gines Nuevo, Passi City.

She attended the seminar on good hygiene and primary rules of health care organized by CAMELEON on 26th January 2014.

“As I never finished school and don’t have any diplomas this training has been a great opportunity for me. I learned many things, for instance, that coughing in your arms instead of in your hands is a way to avoid the proliferation of bacteria whilst cooking. It seems like common sense but I didn’t do it before. We also learn how to wash our hands properly, and brush our teeth, which I afterwards taught my kids, and now they always remind me to do it before eating. The most surprising moment is when my 3 years old daughter brushes her teeth after every meal!”
Josiphine Paborada de Gines Nuevo