Why fundraise?

Want to do more than just making a donation? You can help us raise funds for the association by participating in one of our fund raising events or you can create your own event. Wedding, anniversary, sports contests, challenge… transform these events in solidarity actions: raise funds online for the CAMELEON Association!

How to do it

It is simple and its takes only a few minutes:

  • Create your fund raising page for our association on Hello Asso (website in French)
  • Choose one of the proposed events or click on « Collecter à une autre occasion » to create your own event
  • Share your page on Facebook, Twitter, your email signature, your blog or website and among your relatives to invite them to support you and donate for the association!

The benefits

For you it’s easier:

  • No cash, no cheques: your friends donate online by credit card
  • You can reach your friends wherever they are in the world

For the donor, its practical and 100% secure:

  • The amount collected goes directly to the association and your donors receive immediately online their fiscal receipts.