Program overview

Objective: To protect sexually abused young girls and help them to rebuild their lives.

Young girls (5-17 years old), victims of sexual abuse are taken in charge by Chameleon, who provides them housing in special centers for 3 to 4 years during the process of rebuilding their lives.

Two centers located in the countryside, help them to return to a carefree childhood, by letting them dream, go to school, do sports and recreational activities that will help them build their future. A team of specialists provides them with medical, psychological and, if the girls choose to press charges, legal services. Sponsors of these children cover the costs of their education. Public services contribute to 10% of the costs of each child per year.

When they arrive at the center located in Passi, Social Services identify one or several relatives or friends close to the child, working closely with them throughout the medical and psychological rehabilitation process. CAMELEON also supports the children’s families, providing professional training and access to activities generating revenues.

Cost for one beneficiary in this program : 2 620 $

Path towards personal reconstruction



Girls and teenagers from 5 to 17, victims of sexual abuses

Average duration

3 years


Foster houses in Passi (Philippines)


    Arrival at CAMELEON after being flagged by Social Services


    Health monitoring carried out by CAMELEON‘s team of doctors and nurses: vaccination, checkups ophthalmology, dentistry…


    Bringing up to scholastic standards before returning to state school. Girls at risk follow a special program, funded entirely by sponsors.


    A Psychological and psychiatric support is provided as well as an individual, collective and family therapy


    Artistic, physical activities and circus to help rebuild self-confidence, build a positive image of themselves and become more independent


    Guidance from CAMELEON’s legal counsel, social services and social workers (for 3 to 12 years)


    Skills training (cooking, sewing, hairstyling, embroidery, handcrafts…). Retreats and workshops to help find their own path. Recreational outings.


    When this presents no danger, CAMELEON prepares the beneficiaries to be reintegrated in their families through meetings, short stays with the family and parental counseling


    Help in case of emergency: Repairing or rebuilding housing following a natural disaster, hospitalization, deaths, fire…

Key facts 2014

50 beneficiary girls
15 news beneficiary girls
7 girls suffer from a mental disorder
4 girls gratuated from elementary school
8 girls gratuated from high school
12 girls reintegrated with their families, or in their households




Gabriela is only twenty-one years old, yet appears more mature than her age. Her smooth round face constantly offers a smile to everyone around her. At a young age, Gabriela was battered and abused by her father, who was an alcoholic and psychologically unstable. She went through an unstable childhood in a family devoid of respect or parental authority. At weekends, Gabriela had to work to pay for her basic needs and education. She was referred to Chameleon when she was nine years old and stayed in the center for three years. Today, it is a memory which she cherishes. In Passi, children’s laughter and playful activities are part of their daily life, a world she didn’t know existed. After her time in Chameleon, she was reintegrated back into her family, who, during her absence, had done their utmost to stay in contact and rebuild the family relationships. Read more (French)
“I was suddenly aware of the smiles, the love and the feeling of acceptance that surrounded CAMELEON’s center and I didn’t feel alone anymore.”Gabriela, 21 years old, Diploma in Community Development