The photo exhibition

The photo exhibition FRONTIERES is the product of a collaboration between photographer Pedro Lombardi and the CAMELEON association. During the month of May 2014, the photographer shared the daily life of the young girls in the Philippines. There, he captured the sadness and emotion but, above all, the strength, the joy of life, and the solidarity of each of these girls that, much like the chameleon, continue to persevere despite obstacles. The girls are the center of the exhibition, at the same time being the subject and the object. The exhibition takes place under the sign of authenticity, nothing is posed; the presentation of the girls is direct and crude, untampered with.

Rarely, I was also moved by the vital force in the looks of these young girls.Pedro Lombardi, photographe


The theme of borders is naturally visible in the photos. Their structures reflect this pervasive problem in the lives of young girls. It is not only a symbolic border between being and becoming but also an ensemble that is revealed as an exposure between: fear and confidence, the individual and the group, the masculine and the feminine, the child and the adult, etc.

But all borders, whether they be physical or psychological, could be crossed and it is this message of hope that emerges from the exhibition. These young girls are at a crossroads, they seek and thrive in managing to overcome their limits. This exhibition, therefore, places a spotlight on girls on the wire, still unstable and risking tripping over their past. But they show us as well the girls that take on the risks to cross social, psychological, and physical borders.


Organized by itinerary, 40 photos track the rebuilding of young girls through CAMELEON. They are the testimony of a broken childhood that relearns how to live and to develop confidence despite life’s injustices.
We are confused, we question ourselves; emotion is present in the situations. As in the pictures, the viewer finds themselves at the border.

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