Program overview

Objective: Raise awareness among the general public and local and national authorities to prevent the sexual and general abuse of children

CAMELEON Association also engages in regular appeals in defense of Children’s rights, and works to establish networks to promote them.

CAMELEON regularly organizes information campaigns on Children’s rights aimed at both the general public and public authorities. Through preventative measures like this, Cameleon seeks to put an end to the cycle of abuse that victimizes the girls in its centers.

Furthermore, in 2014, the association set up the initiative “Voice of CAMELEON’s Children” (VCC) or Child advocates. Some beneficiaries from the Personal Rehabilitation Program, Reintegration and Independence Program and Education and Development Program have been trained in public speaking to be able to give talks in schools or public places. Their goal is to explain to local populations the importance of Children’s rights, a concept unknown to the vast majority of children and parents in the Philippines. And who better to speak on Children’s rights than the children themselves? The young advocates are thus a precious resource for CAMELEON.

Total cost of the program : 56 980 $

Path towards Prevention and Appeals



Local population, local authorities, social services, institutions, media…


Region VI in the Philippines (Western Visayas)
At a national level


    Make families and public authorities aware of Children’s Rights (information program, training for 45 “young advocates” of Children’s Rights, drawing up a Children’s Code with the municipalities, rallying social services, NGOs and governmental organizations, enterprises, training and education centers, local medias coverage for CAMELEON-promoted events etc).


    Parents participate in seminars and workshop on the value of good parenting and what being a good parent entails.


    Teaching Parents and children about good hygiene and the primary rules of health care (Organization of a “Health Day”, seminars for parents and local community leaders, training young health educators etc).

Key Facts 2014

11 700 people have been directly affected by the CHAMELEON advocacy program
2064 students have participated in awareness conferences for the respect of children’s rights
550 teachers of schools and middle schools participated in seminars on parenting
21 young beneficiaries have become ambassadors of The Voice of Cameleon’s Children


CAMELEON’s Child Advocates association developed and implemented an awareness program to promote Children’s Rights.

This program was necessary as most of the children from local communities were not aware of their rights, and neither were their parents.

Young Advocates take this role very seriously: through their efforts the local populations now feel concerned about child abuse, which means that they too will help fight it.

“We are young Ambassadors, we are here to help raise awareness and to fight against these crimes that are more and more frequent. With your support, help us get rid of this crime. Help us listen to these children and protect the younger generations.”.
Elvie, President of the CAMELEON child advocates association