Why sponsor a child?

Private sponsorship is one of our association’s distinctive features. It has proven successful and we firmly believe in the strength of the ties woven on a long term basis between a child and an adult who supports them for part of his or her life.

To become a sponsor:

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Two types of sponsorship

Sponsor a child or teenager on the Reinsertion/Personal Reconstruction Programs

The girls are between 5 and 23 years old. They have one to three sponsors until the end of their schooling. The sponsor participates in the reconstruction process, giving the young girl the motivation to finish her schooling and helping her to gain confidence in her abilities.

Sponsor a teenager in the Education and Development Program

Children are between 10 and 24 years old. They come from disadvantaged families living near the association’s houses. They obtain excellent grades and go to the same schools as the teenagers in the Reinsertion/Personal Reconstruction Programs. They are supported by one sponsor until the end of their studies and beneficiate, together with their families, from CAMELEON’s medical and social services. The parents participate financially to the cost of certain expenses.

Implementation of the sponsorship

The sponsorship is effective upon receipt of your annual membership fee (35 € /year) and the implementation of the monthly sponsorship fees (28 €, 44 € or 56 €/month).

Upon receipt of your fees we will send you a file on your sponsored child, comprising:

  • A document presenting the child you sponsor, or « intake sheet » written in English by CAMELEON’s social case workers: civil status certificate, family environment, schooling history, etc.
  • Photos of your sponsored child

In addition to financial support, sustainable relationships are developed between the sponsor and the child through regular school reports, exchange of letters, drawings sent by the child and small gifts.

Sponsors can, if they wish to, visit their sponsored child in the Philippines at any time during the year.

French Taxation

CAMELEON will send you each year a tax receipt for the totality of the amounts given within the framework of your sponsorship. The amount of your participation will give right to an income tax-deduction of 75% of the donated amount within the limit of 528 €. After the amount of 528 € will give right to an income tax-deduction of 66% of the donated amount within the limit of 20 % per year of taxable revenue.

If you donate 28 €/month which represents 28 X 12 = 336 €/year, your tax reduction will be of 252 € [336 X 75% = 252 €]. As a result, your sponsorship will only cost you 84 € a year (i.e. 7 €/month) after the 75% tax-deduction.

Sponsorship form

Becoming a sponsor is offering better opportunities to children victim of abuse or poverty. It is a commitment that allows you to develop a lasting relationship with your sponsored child. You will help him or her grow thanks to a medical, educational and moral support. You give him the possibility to build his or her future.
  • *French residents beneficiate from a 66% tax deduction from the amount of your donation, sponsorship and membership fees and you will receive a fiscal receipt in March of the following year.
  • All sponsors have to be members of the association.
    Please include your payment for membership of the association (35 € per year). The preferred payment method is by cheque payable to the order of Association CAMELEON.
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