Sports and physical activity play an integral role in the education and personal rehabilitation of the children at CAMELEON. They are considered good therapeutically as they allow children to come out of their shells, feel well, have fun and build a positive image of themselves especially for girls who have been victims of sexual abuse.

Every year circus professionals from France come to CAMELEON Philippines as volunteers as part of the partnership with the Ecole Nationale des Arts du Cirque de Rosny-sous-Bois (ENACR). This team of trainers works with those girls who show motivation and talent for circus arts. These girls then run circus training at the centers for the rest of the year.

Coaching sessions and workshops to develop core skills are also offered, such as basketball, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, dance and Taekwondo. Leisure activities are also regularly organized such as outdoor games, summer camp, and dance and music workshops. Together, they help build positive values, personal development and solidarity among the children.

Sports and physical activities also form part of the Education and Development and the Prevention and Appeals programs. Every year, 300 sponsored children from neighboring communities make the most of this wonderful opportunity to channel their energy, build team spirit, and establish a healthy relationship with their bodies.

Total cost of the program : 37 600 $

Documentary: “Philippines, le cirque qui soigne”


Key facts 2014

2000 audience members at the CHAMELEON show in a shopping mall
308 children practiced sports
379 youth summer camp participants
59 young people have improved their swimming skills
60 girls have practiced the circus
6 circus shows were organized

2015 Circus Mission

CAMELEON association and the National School of Circus Arts of Rosny-Sous-Bois (ENACR) come together in order to launch their 2015 Circus mission – the most ambitious one yet!

For 20 days, ENACR’s students will offer shows and Circus workshops to young girls victim to sexual abuse to help them rebuild and discover new horizons.

CAMELEON has used the circus as a form of therapy for 10 years to allow young beneficiaries to regain confidence in themselves and open up to others. Over time, it has become a flagship activity of the association thanks to the stakeholders of ENACR, one of the most prestigious circus schools in France.

Want to learn more about the 2015 edition?

Download the complete file of the mission here (PDF Version) or click the following image.

Pages de Circus program Presentation_2015


Marian started to attend CAMELEON’s sports activities when she arrived at the center. Over time, sports became her passion, especially basketball and volleyball.

Both at school and in the center, she now participates actively, whenever possible, in sporting activities and tournaments that are organized.

“Sports is, for me, a means to become emotionally stronger; it taught me discipline, self-discipline, patience and self esteem. Doing sports requires much perseverance and many hours of training to reach your goal. It has become my favorite hobby and it helps me to channel my anger and my disappointment.”
Marian, young girl from a shelter, part of CAMELEON’s circus troop « CAMELEON's Circus »