Ella May lives in San Enrique, a village close to CAMELEON’s centers. She is still young, but is determined and hard working. She has been attending the program since the fifth grade. She has been sponsored for 8 years and if all goes well, she will remain as such until the end of her studies.

My life with CAMELEON…

“Without CAMELEON, I would not be able to study properly. My family faces to many financial difficulties. CAMELEON helps us, not only by financing my studies, but also by taking charge of the house repairs.

8 years ago, a social worker came to my house and estimated that I was a deserving child and that I needed help to achieve my dreams. She gave me the opportunity to go to school until college graduation.

Each month, the social worker comes to visit, and we meet to talk about health, security, Children’s Rights and education.

It’s not easy to be a child sponsored by CAMELEON. I have to work hard not to lose my scholarship but this is very positive for me because it forces me to be dedicated to my studies and to focus on my future. I am motivated and very thankful.

Two years ago, I attended the summer camp. I stayed in CAMELEON’s centers for five days and had the opportunity to engage in fun activities such as circus, art and dance classes. I have enjoyed being with the other girls – I already knew some of them through school and all of them are very kind and welcoming.”

My plans for the future…

“I would like to become a teacher. I want to teach children how to read and how to write because these are the basics in life… And, if they’re serious, it can be the first step to success.

I am aware that some kids cannot go to school because they have to work or because they cannot afford it. So I had the idea to gather some children during the weekend when they have some spare time, and to tutor them. CAMELEON supported me and I was given the opportunity to keep on with my tutoring. I wish more children could be as lucky, and I am ready to give some of my time and energy for this.”