The CAMELEON network

CAMELEON Association France leads and fosters a network of international branches and partners.

CAMELEON’s international branches are associations under its name, lobbying for the association with local institutional and economic decision-makers, the general public and the media and fundraising to ensure the sustainability of the association’s actions and programs in the Philippines. CAMELEON currently has two branches: CAMELEON Switzerland and CAMELEON Luxembourg.

CAMELEON relies also on partner organizations that financially support its programs:

Our governance

Our Statutes

CAMELEON is a charity under the law of 1901 recognised as a charitable organisation, entitled on this basis to receive donations. If you’re submitted to personal income tax, you can deduct:

  • 75% of your donation’s amount up to 1 000€,
  • 66% of your donation’s amount beyond 1 000€, 

within the limits of 20% of your taxable income; the possible surplus carried forward to the next five years (Tax Code article 200; BOFiP-IR-RICI-250-12/09/2012)

A donation of 30€ will only cost you, in the end, 7,5€.

Our role and actions

CAMELEON France is in charge of:

  • Collecting funds
  • Looking for sponsors
  • Hiring and training volunteers (interns and unpaid helpers)
  • Planning events helping CAMELEON’s visibility
  • Rallying pupils and students
  • The communication about the charity intended for external audiences
  • Steering other branches of the charity
  • Awareness-raising workshops in schools


A permanent team 

Founder and Director: Laurence Ligier

Director of Operations: Charlotte Pietri

Administrative and financial Manager: Charlotte Bayart

Task officer of Awareness and Advocacy: Socheata Sim

Task officer of Sponsorships and FundraisingAdeline Sfiligoj

Task officer of Communication and Marketing: Clémence Didier

Civil Service PartnershipsAudrey ChazalGillian Gedeon and Léo Guary

Civil Service Associative life and Volunteering: Anne Vidal

Referent Burgundy Region – Vice-President CAMELEON France: Marguerite Chevat 

The executive board 

President : Jean-Pierre JOLIVOT

Vice-president : Florence PROVENDIER

Secretary : Violaine METMAN MONTMARCHE

Assistant secretary : Mathilde MAGNIEN

Treasurer : Noëlle COUGET

Active members : Marguerite CHEVAT, Marc EYER, Catherine RENARD


CAMELEON France relies furthermore on a team of about forty regular volunteers that support the development of our actions (community life, craft sell, local partnerships, interactions with schools, events, translation…). On top of that, about thirty occasional volunteers get organised during events planned by the charity.


Companies / Foundations / Clubs


Apprentis d’Auteuil

Au bonheur du fouineur

Avenir Focus

AXA Assurance
(Agence Benoit Noël)

Brain and Software International – BSI


CDC Développement solidaire


Cocktail Scandinave


Delta Trailers


Eliza les ailes du voyage

Fondation 154

Fondation Air France

Fondation Amanjaya

Fondation ARTELIA

Fondation BNP Paribas

Fondation de France

Fondation du Grand Orient de France

Fondation Engagés Solidaires

Fondation ENGIE

Fondation Ombrie

Fondation Raja-Danièle Marcovici

Fonds l’Oréal pour les Femmes

Fonds Meyer Louis-Dreyfus

Hôtels Paris Rive Gauche

KIWANIS Lyon Confluence

L’Etal Savoyard

La Cabane

Les Boutiques du personnel de CLARINS

Librairie Red Wheelbarrow

Maison des Vins de Chalon sur Saône


Optique Caméléon

QDC Services SAS

Quebec Inc (La Cabane à Mario) au Quebec

SARL Jules Romain


Social Brain

Talents et Partage

Upside Media

Vision Nomade


Zonta Club Paris Port Royal Concorde


Agence Française de Développement (AFD)

Agence du Service Civique

Ambassade de France aux Philippines

Ambassade des Philippines en France

DGCS (Direction Générale de la
Cohésion Sociale) – Ministère des Solidarités et de la Santé

Le Grand Chalon

Marie de Chalon sur Saône

Ministère des affaires étrangères du Luxembourg

VOICE (Ministère des Affaires Etrangères des Pays Bas)

Schools / Associations

A Chacun Son Everest

Association Française des Fundraisers (AFF)


Collège Albert Vinçon

Collège Sainte Philomène (Couëron)

Coopération Humanitaire Luxembourgeois (CHL)

Coordination Sud

Ecole Louis Pasteur (Orgeval)

Ecole Nationale des Arts de
Rosny-sous-bois (ENACR)

Festival International du Film
pour les Droits de l’Homme (FIFDH)

France bénévolat

Groupe scolaire Le Caousou (Toulouse)

Hiligaynon Association

International Impact

Impact International

La Petite Manille

La Voix de l’Enfant

Paris je m’engage

Phare Ponleu Selpak (PPS)

Stop aux Violences Sexuelles


Make a donation to CAMELEON France

Online, for punctual or regular donation:

By bank transfer:
RIB : 30004 01428 00010011617 09
IBAN : FR76 3000 4014 2800 0100 1161 709

By cheque:
Please make payable to « Association CAMELEON » and send to ASSOCIATION CAMELEON France
32 rue Robert Lindet – 75015 Paris, France.

> Via Paypal in Euros


32 rue Robert Lindet
75015 Paris
Phone: 00 33 (0)1 43 22 35 92


82, rue Philibert Guide
71100 Chalon sur Saône
Phone: 03 85 48 87 65

Laurence Ligier
Founder and Director

Charlotte Pietri
Director of Operations

Charlotte Bayart
Administrative and financial Manager

Socheata Sim
Task officer of Awareness and Advocacy 

Adeline Sfiligoj
Task officer of Sponsorships and Fundraising

Clémence Didier
Task officer of Communication and Marketing

Audrey Chazal
Civil Service Partnerships

Gillian Gedeon
Civil Service Partnerships

Léo Guary
Civil Service Partnerships 

Anne Vidal
Civil Service Associative life and Volunteering

Marguerite Chevat 
Referent Burgundy Region
Vice-President CAMELEON France