Support us

Irrespective of its size and scope of activities, Companies can help us in many ways. Each contribution is essential to the conduct of our programs and the progress of our actions on the field.

Many Companies are commited to gender equality and women’s integration into the labour market. CAMELEON addresses this concern as we pay special attention to the educational and professional achievements of the girls we support (80% of our beneficiaries).

>>> An advantageous taxation :

For enterprises, French law provides for a tax deduction of 60% of the amount of donations within the limit of 0.5% of turnover. 

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How to help us ?

Financial and in-kind donations

  • Make financial donations to support the association’s overall mission or a specific project or program.
  • Make donations in-kind to the association which will contribute to the well-being of the children.

Sponsor children

  • Sponsor one or more of the association’s children from whom you will receive regular news.
  • Promote the association’s sponsorship program to your employees and clients so that they can in turn sponsor a child.

Volunteering and skill-based sponsorship

  • Promote the association to your employees so that they become volunteers, in France or abroad, helping us in our mission.
  • Share your skills and competencies to help us in the development of our projects.

Product-sharing operation

  • Donate a percentage of the sales of a product to the association.

Communication and Events

  • Support one of the events regularly organized by the association (concert, race, photographic exhibition, etc.) and share with us these moments of conviviality.
  • Organize your own in-house event (gala diner, charity race, handicrafts sale, etc.) to raise funds.
  • Spread the word about the association to your employees and your clients to help us gain donors and sponsors.


  • Offer your clients or employees the possibility of making a donation to CAMELEON.
  • Offer your clients the possibility of converting their loyalty points into donations to the association.
  • Add 1€ in support of CAMELEON to a bill or an online payment.
  • Round up the amount of payment and donate the difference to the association.

Some actions financed by our partners

  • Coverage of medical expenses (psychological follow-up, therapy, purchase of vaccines, dental care) offered to children and their families
  • Construction of a Learning Resource Center in Iloilo allowing adults and teenagers to beneficiate from skill trainings (handicraft, computer science, cooking etc.) and create new sources of revenues
  • Construction of a Teen Center where teenagers can learn about sexuality and prevention
  • Construction and renovation of community libraries
  • Reconstruction of the houses after typhoons hit the region
  • Implementation of advocacy measures (conferences, trainings, etc.) on parental responsibility and Children’s rights
  • Programming of numerous sports activities for our beneficiaries (circus, swimming lessons, combat sports, basket-ball, etc.), shows etc.