Q&A Volunteering France

What does volunteering mean?

A volunteer is a person who freely commits to pursue an action which is not compensated, not submitted to law obligations, outside its professional and familial time. At CAMELEON France, volunteering is therefore a gift of time freely agreed and free, for actions in favour of the society.

In what areas does CAMELEON France need volunteers ?

More than 70 volunteers are mobilizing with us every year in France: around forty regularly, the rest occasionally at CAMELEON events or projects. They contribute with joy and dynamism to the great adventure of our association. 
Whether for a one-time event or on a regular basis, volunteering is one of our strengths and we are constantly looking for new recruits!

CAMELEON’s volunteer centers are designed to be managed autonomously by volunteer groups organized around a volunteer coordinator. Each coordinator acts in liaison with the employee in charge of associative life at CAMELEON. The poles are mobilized according to the events and actions of CAMELEON. You can also be the initiator of these projects! All ideas and innovations are welcome. CAMELEON needs your mobilization and your dynamism to move forward!

Schools actions > lead sensitization workshops from primary school classes to the university about the rights of the child and international solidarity.

Communication > support the team with photos, videos, editing & graphic designs.

Crafts > Organize Filipino craft sales in various locations and take care of the stands.

Events > support the team in the organization of various events (gift papers, solidarity race, photo exhibition, etc.).

Admin / Expertises > juridical, human resources, management control, quality control, risk control, IT, public relations, logistics.

Further details are to be found in the Guide du bénévole en France.

Who can become a volunteer for CAMELEON France ?

CAMELEON is looking for volunteers of any age, from high school students to retired people, and of different nationalities and cultures. Whatever your talent or your qualifications, CAMELEON needs you!

Minors need a written authorization from their parents (contact us at contact@cameleon-association.org and we will send you the form).

What are the availabilities required to become a Volunteer in France?

Should you be available for one week, several months or one year, we can welcome you at our Parisian office from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday. We will adapt to your availability: should it be one afternoon per week on a regular basis, or occasionally, for one day or a few hours, your help is always precious!

Please contact us to discuss this further. As our offices are currently quite small, we advise you to give us a call so that your visit can be fitted into the office schedule.

Some activities can also be pursued from home: even if you are not able to come to our offices, do not hesitate to call!

Obviously, should your availability change, you can stop volunteering at any moment, providing you give us reasonable notice.

I don’t live in Paris, what activities are open to me?

Some activities such as translations or organization of events for exemple, can also be done from home. Even if you don’t live in Paris, do not hesitate to contact us!

How can I become a volunteer for CAMELEON France?

To become a volunteer for CAMELEON France, we ask you to send an e-mail to contact@cameleon-association.org. A member of the association will then contact you. As a first step, you will be asked to fill out a volunteer identity form and a questionnaire, which will help us to know you better and discover your expectations before we meet, and send us your CV. You will also receive an electronic version of our Guide for Volunteer in France.

We will then fix an appointment with you to further discuss and decide together which type of activity would be most suitable for you.

I am interested in volunteering for CAMELEON France, however I don’t see anything suitable for me in the areas presented here. Is it still possible to become a volunteer and contribute to your actions?

The competency centers presented include the main voluntary actions in favor of CAMELEON France. If you have other skills that you would like to offer to our association, we will be happy to discuss them further with you. We will see together what kind of mission we could offer you in accordance with what you would like to do. Whatever your talent or qualification, CAMELEON needs you!

I am interested in volunteering and joining one of the areas of activities presented, however I don’t want to be the Manager of an activity, is it possible?

Absolutely. You can volunteer for CAMELEON France and be part of one of the areas of activities without becoming the Manager of that area, especially since there is only one manager per area.

I would like to become a volunteer Manager of one the areas of activities presented or Volunteer Coordinator, how should I proceed?

The Volunteer Coordinator and the Executive committee appoint the Manager of a centre for a long period of time (about one year). Its mandate can be renewed every year. To perform this role, you must:

  • Be available to organize and participate in several evening meetings each month with centre Managers and/or the Executive Committee
  • Be highly motivated and show a high level of commitment to the charitable project and the values of the CAMELEON association

These functions therefore require availability for a long period of time. To become volunteer Manager of one of the centres of activity or Volunteer Coordinator, send your CV and a covering letter to benevoles@cameleon-association.org and we will contact you to discuss further.

I would like to do an internship at CAMELEON, is it possible?

CAMELEON welcomes interns on a regular basis for a period of maximum 2 months. You will find all the current offers of internship our Parisian office here.

Spontaneous applications are also welcomed: send your CV and a covering letter at contact@cameleon-association.org.

After the interview, if you are selected, you will need to provide us with a training agreement signed by yourself or your university, as well as an certificate of civil liability insurance, before the start of your internship.

If you don’t find the answer to your questions in this FAQ, please contact us directly at: contact@cameleon-association.org