Health is a priority for CAMELEON. The association provides quality medical care to every child in its programs. In addition, it supports the children’s families as well as the inhabitants of neighboring villages by teaching them the first principals of hygiene and disease prevention.

CAMELEON lives by example to its advocacy in supporting children’s rights not only through providing the basic needs but also giving free medical assistance to the organization’s beneficiaries.

Last October 24, we had our annual Health Day celebration at the CAMELEON Center. The beneficiaries were glad to gather again and catch up with fellow friends. Some were anxiously waiting for their turn to get their vaccine shots and health check ups.
Also, they had their breakout sessions wherein the beneficiaries were divided to groups and were given lectures on Pressure lines, Coping with Stress, Family Planning Methods (Natural/Modern), Stress Management, First Aid, Personal Hygiene and Adolescense Physical Changes given by our Youth Health Advocates.

With that, we would like to make a big shout out to the Health Program,to the Youth Health Advocates and for our volunteers for making the event a succesful one!