« As the volunteer responsible for the branch ‘Actions within Schools’ of CAMELEON France, I help the volunteer director in the creation and execution of interventions within schools. Our goal in our involvement with local schools is to raise awareness about our organization and to develop international aid efforts. It’s incredibly stimulating not only to respond to curious new publics and to promote the values of respect and openness towards others, but to witness the spirit of initiative and self-expression.

What interests me in particular is the creation of new pedagogical tools and preventative actions in the defense of the rights of the Child through «Voice of Cameleon’s Children» program. It’s an inspiring mission to encourage and support youth as actors in social change.

socheataMy future goals? Chase adventure as long as possible, visit my Philippian ‘goddaughter’ and discover field work in the Philippines. Being a ‘godmother’ and supporting the hope and potential of a child is a rewarding experience. Volunteering allows people from all different backgrounds to connect and form communities through a shared mission. Everyone gives what they can to help these children rebuild and grow their passions. We look forward to all the new and returning faces that will surely make 2015 a rich and colorful year—Cameleon’s very own good luck charms! »