Infants del Mon

Infants del Mòn (IDM) is an Andorran Non-governmental organization acting to support disadvantaged children from developing countries. Its purpose is to improve the living conditions of children from low-income families to make sure they are provided with their basic needs (food, health, housing and medical care).

IDM, CAMELEON’s partner

Infants del Mòn, based in Andorra, has been collaborating with CAMELEON since 2003, under the program, Education and Development and through school sponsorships for youngsters from rural areas (Maasin, Tuburan). There are 19 children, who have been attending school thanks to IDM and its Andorran sponsors. IDM occasionally also helps during natural disasters.

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Dr Nequí
6 La Fira Local 41
Andorra la Vella
Principauté d’Andorre
Phonel : (0037) 633 17 65

Jean Michel Armengol
Sponsorship manager