Q&A Volunteering Philippines

What does volunteering mean?

A volunteer is a person who freely commits to pursue an activity, which is not remunerated, or subject to legal requirements, outside his or her professional and family time. At CAMELEON Philippines, volunteering is therefore a donation of time, given voluntarily and without remuneration, to help run the association’s activities in a given period.

Where is CAMELEON Philippines located?
What are the missions proposed to CAMELEON Philippines volunteers?

More than thirty volunteers fly every year to the Philippines. They participate in the daily life of the Centre; their skills are therefore benefit the children, their families and local CAMELEON staff. Volunteers generally return with memories of an unforgettable experience.

Needs in the field evolve and missions are diverse. Depending on the applications sent, we discuss with the local team to see whether a mission could correspond to the candidate profile.
For example, we are regularly looking for volunteers for activities during school holidays, medical missions, construction/building rehabilitation programs, organization of events, video or photographic coverage or advocacy missions on Children’s rights.
Please note that activities involving daily contact with children can only take place in April/May or November/December, during Filipino school vacation time. In other months, exchanges with children are limited to evenings (schooling support, activities) and week-ends (activities, sport, play).

You will find all our current offers of volunteer work for CAMELEON Philippines here.

Who can volunteer for CAMELEON Philippines?

We are looking primarily for people in good health, more than 20 years old, mature, responsible, with real skills in specific areas, creative and ready to take the initiative, with an excellent standard of written and spoken English. Fluent English is absolutely essential for any mission with CAMELEON Philippines, since it is the only way to communicate with the staff and the children.

Priority will be given to volunteers who already have an experience in the field for which they apply.

Initiative, autonomy and team spirits, tolerance, patience, organization and flexibility are qualities essential for the success of the missions.

The following profiles are particularly appreciated:

  • Manager/commercial (Preparing applications for funding, Fundraising, organization of events)
  • Animator (Summer camp animation, theatre, dance, circus, sport, singing, music, sewing, handcrafting)
  • Medical students
  • Nurse
  • Psychologist
  • Teacher
  • Communication Professional (web designer, photographer, videographer)
  • Professionals in the field of construction (building renovation programs)
  • Computer engineer/specialist
  • Law (Children’s rights)
What are the availability requirements for CAMELEON Philippines volunteers?

The availability required varies depending on the missions that are proposed. This is the reason why, when you submit your application, we need to know your dates of availability and the ideal duration of your stay, in order to identify which mission could possibly suit you.

For your information, missions in the field usually vary from 1 to 4 months.

How can I become a volunteer for CAMELEON Philippines?

To apply to start as a volunteer for CAMELEON Philippines, send your CV and a covering letter in French and English, mentioning your dates of availability and the possible duration of your stay to contact@cameleon-association.org. Fluent English is absolutely essential for any mission with Chameleon Philippines, since it is the only way to communicate with the staff and the children.
A member of the association will then contact you: if your profile appeals to the team in the Philippines, you will be invited to fill out a questionnaire in order for us to know you better.
If your answers confirm our positive impression, we will get back to you to organize an interview in Paris with the Director and Founder Laurence Ligier.
Please note that your application will not be accepted until after this meeting.

What are the financial conditions for volunteering with CAMELEON Philippines?

Funding for the trip is entirely the responsibility of the volunteer: flight tickets to the Philippines and for domestic flights Manila/Iloilo/Manila, visa, health/ repatriation insurance, local transportation between Iloilo airport and the Centre (1h30), participation in housing, food and local transportation costs.
Here are some examples of costs, which can vary depending on the periods:

  • Membership of the association: 35 € (to be paid to CAMELEON France to become a member of the association, mandatory contribution)
  • Flight tickets Paris/Manila/Paris: from 700 to 1000 €
  • Flight tickets Manila/Iloilo/Manila: from 80 to 100 €
  • Airport tax Iloilo/Manila: 200 PHP
  • Airport tax Manila/Paris: 550 PHP (often included in the flight ticket)
  • Healthcare/repatriation insurance: 30 € (1 month)
  • Transportation Iloilo airport/Passi/airport: 600 PHP (to be shared if there is more than one of you)
  • Lodging, food: 8000 PHP per month (except week-ends)
  • Visa (if you stay more than 30 days): 27 €
  • Money for tourism: 300 € (1 month), indicative amount

The volunteer therefore needs to raise funds personally, which is proof of a strong motivation and deep commitment to an act of international solidarity.

I would like to do an internship at CAMELEON Philippines, is it possible?

CAMELEON Philippines can take on volunteers as part of a training agreement. You will find all current internship opportunities at CAMELEON Philippines here.

Spontaneous applications are also welcomed: send you resume and cover letter in French and English, mentioning your dates of availability and the possible duration of your stay at contact@cameleon-association.org. Fluent English is absolutely essential for any mission with CAMELEON Philippines, since it is the only way to communicate with the staff and the children.

Following the process of recruitment (see previous question « How should I proceed to volunteer for CAMELEON Philippines? »), if you are selected, please note that the agreement covering your training period will be under Filipino law and signed by CAMELEON Philippines, not CAMELEON France.

If you do not find the answer to your questions in this FAQ, please email us at: contact@cameleon-association.org