Associative life

In Europe, CAMELEON offers dynamic voluntary actions articulated around several topics: handicraft, awareness-raising campaigns on Children’s Rights in schools, translation and proofreading, communication, photography, videos, documentary research and events.
These projects help encouraging common work, sustain the association and support its values. Voluntary missions are accessible according to anyone’s availability, skills and desires – on a regular or punctual basis.

Our events

2020 : Football Side
The Philippines

2020 : Masks making COUTURE4CAMELEON

2020 : Course des Héros (The Heroes’ Run), “live streaming”

2020 : Tatoo Flash

2020 : Crowdfunding campaign “The little chameleons”

2020 : Solidarity action of the Louis Pasteur school in Orgeval

2020 : Las Chicas Collectif

2019 : 30-year contest of CIDE

2019 : Filipino Food Festival

2019 : Mountain and Music Festival, Palaiseau

2019 : La Course des Héros (The Heroes’ Run), Paris & Lyon

2019 : Solidary Nordic walking, Paris

2019 : Actions in schools, Couëron

2019 : Mailing / Enveloping, Paris

2018 : Bootcamp4Children
Ardennes, Belgium

2018 : Oriental4Children

2018 : La Course des Héros (The Heroes’ Run), Paris

2018 : Radio program
Fréquences Plurielle, Paris

2018 : Christmas market, Strasbourg

2018Volunteers drink

2018Handicraft sale 

2018 : FRONTIÈRES exhibition at La Belle Juliette

Since 2017 : Couture4CAMELEON, Tokyo

2017 : La Course des Héros (The Heroes’ Run), Paris

2017Christmas Market
Air France, Paris

2017 : Wrapping paper operation at Nature et Découvertes, Paris

2016 : FRONTIÈRES exhibition, Lausanne

2016 : Charity concert of
Laure Favre-Kahn & Friends

2016 : MicroDons operation

2016 Handicraft sale
La Recyclerie, Paris

2015 : Charity afterwork

2015 : Oyakephale concert

2015 : FRONTIÈRES exhibition, Le Touquet

2015 : Handicraft sale 

Volunteer’s testimonies

The story of Christèle, godmother and volunteer in France

The story of Christèle, godmother and volunteer in France

"Two years ago I was lucky enough to go on holiday to the Philippines with my daughter Ambre to see some friends. We were in Manilla, there was the beach, the terraced rice fields, but what struck me the most was the kindness of the Filipino people. When I came back...

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