Highlights of the actions taken by our volunteers on the field:


Corinne has been a loyal volunteer and godmother for several years. In April, she decided for the second time to go to the Philippines to offer her help on the field. She went there to give hospitality and catering lessons. She was also able to give visual arts workshops to the young girls.

You can find here the interview on her experiences in France and in the Philippines.


Alix is a first-year Master student in Humanitarian Action at the 3A School (Business and Development School). As part of her studies, she is now doing a four-month internship with CAMELEON, including two months in the Philippines from May to June.

Her mission evolved to meet the needs required on the field and that is why she ended up working in the field of communications for CAMELEON Philippines. She was able to cover different events in the Philippines, to give interviews and she was in contact with our Communications Officer in France. Furthermore, she was also able to spend some time with the girls during the numerous sport activities. Her experience and her contact with the local culture and with the young girls have confirmed her wish to do Humanitarian work, particularly in the field of protection of Women’s Rights, so as to be able to work on the ground. Since then, Alix is continuing her internship in our offices in Paris and she supports the Director of the Partnerships.


Guy is a photographer who has been working with CAMELEON for a long time and he went to the Philippines for an artistic project. His aim was to bring a professional look on those young girls’ reconstruction.

Capture their daily routine, some banal moments of their life that show the potential of “self-acceptance” that they have in themselves.

On 18 July, Guy will welcome you in Arles for the vernissage of his new exposition called “Filles caméléon”.

Avi, Laurence et François:

Circus is a very important part of the Rehabilitation Program of CAMELEON and it is especially due to the cirquester volunteers who go on circus missions. Avi, Laurence and François came to help the circus teachers already present. They brought their technical knowledge and prepared a show with the young girls. François was involved in the preparation of the circus show “Life-Changing Circus” that took place on 26th May. He went on stage for different acts. Thank you to all the cirquester volunteers who are always eager to help and to offer their savoir-faire.


Stéphanie is an osteopath. This is not her first humanitarian experience. This time, she chose to go with CAMELEON from the end of April until the end of May. She offered an osteopathic follow-up to about 60 young girls, all victims of sexual violence. Her objective was to contribute in helping to balance the body against all the physical, physiologic and emotional pressure from the outside world.

The young girls that she took care of as well as our team in France thank her for that mission.


Samy is a nurse who decided to undertake his first humanitarian mission with CAMELEON. He went on the “Health” mission. His aim was to follow up the file of each young girl beneficiary, to control and to inventory the drugs, to provide first aid care if necessary, to follow up the ongoing treatments, to make the young girls aware of the diseases that they could have (diabetes, asthma…)

He was also committed with CYHA (CAMELEON Youth Health Advocate): accompany the families and the people from the villages around, train people to first aid and raise awareness among the communities of STD and premature pregnancies.

He was also able to help us by bringing medical supplies on the field. We thank him for that mission.