Programs in the Philippines

Programs in the Philippines


Protect young girls who are victims of sexual violence, allow them to have medical monitoring and psychological  support.

Help them to rebuild themselves and thrive in our centers with access to schooling as well as therapeutic and extracurricular activities. Support them until the end of their higher education, helping them find their place in society.


Develop economically and socially through education and training in order to raise awareness of children’s rights and fight against sexual violence against minors.

Facilitate integration by supporting communities, families and their children in situations of extreme poverty so that they can achieve professional success.


Raise awareness among populations and local and national authorities in order to prevent sexual violence and child abuse.

Helping with the education of disadvantaged children as well as the development of families and rural communities. Preventing situations of violence in schools in the Philippines. Advocacy with institutions and leaders.

Study of the impact of our programs
produced by the government of Luxembourg

Analysis of qualitative and quantitative results for all programs shows that the overall well-being of girls who graduated has improved. The positive change in their well-being is consistently observed both during their recovery, healing and reintegration into the community. The impacts of our programs on the general well-being of beneficiaries and their families are illustrated in particular by the following aspects:

Good health and recovery from traumatic experiences

Beneficiaries’ positive overall health and recovery from traumatic experiences is manifested in the “transitions” these girls make from one program to another until they are deemed ready for reintegration into the community.

During the first two years of a beneficiary’s stay in the  residential-care program, data suggests a reduction in the negative effects of a traumatic incident. Fewer medications (for mental illnesses), good sleep quality, normal body mass indices, and positive feelings of safety and security are manifestations of the program’s positive effects on girls.

The transition of a beneficiary from the residential-care program to the post-residential care program is also a positive direction, because beneficiaries are evaluated and these evaluations show continued recovery to a point where they are deemed ready to face the world. Finally, data on alumni of our programs reveals survivors who are emotionally stable following sexual violence and become independent members of society.

Educational, financial and legal support

The education of beneficiaries positively influences their well-being, as it is a way not only to reduce family poverty, but also a way for victims to cope with traumatic experiences. The education provided has also led to employment of alumni.

Legal support has resulted in prosecutions of perpetrators of sexual violence, but due to problems in the justice system, charging and prosecution remain major concerns.

Financial assistance to the families of beneficiaries has a positive impact on them because they have a means of earning a living. CAMELEON extended this support to the families of beneficiaries affected by natural disasters by rebuilding houses.

Defense of children's rights and health

The Prevention and Advocacy program has a positive impact on the well-being of disadvantaged but deserving young people and their families in the cities where CAMELEON is established. This program offered families scholarships (especially for non-CAMELEON beneficiaries) and means of subsistence.

This program also provided information on children’s rights and health, as well as free (although limited) health campaigns and services (conferences, health symposia, circus as a campaign). children’s rights awareness and medical campaigns such as comprehensive health services for beneficiaries of our programs, as well as free but limited dental and optometry services).

Regarding the information campaign on children’s rights and young people’s health, the limited evidence available suggests that CAMELEON’s message regarding the protection and promotion of children’s rights is well received by local communities. Additionally, a number of beneficiaries who advocate for children’s rights and youth health have a positive impact on these civic activities where they gain self-confidence, communication and personal satisfaction.