Emergency rehabilitation

Negros Floods

Beginning of January 2021, the country has been struck by torrential rain and floods, especially on Negros’s Island where one of our CAMELEON establishments is situated. Among the victims: children, families and CAMELEON’s teams. The river along our Center of Negros has overflowed, sweeping away as it passed by the perimeter wall on 95 meters long and flooding the garden and the offices. All in all, 855 m² of land have disappeared under the erosion influence. Our local teams rally themselves to ensure the girls and the staff’s safety in our Center. An evacuation plan has been prepared, with food stocks and fundamental necessities in case of new floods. Pending a bank reinforcement and the reconstruction of the perimeter wall, a temporary sheet metal wall has been built because the consequences of a new rising river level would be dramatic.
Our teams also bring rescue and emergency supplies to children and families, victims and grantees of our programs. The houses will be rebuilt thanks to the help brought by CAMELEON.



In case of a crisis or emergency, like the Phanfone typhoon and the earthquake which happened back at the end of 2019, CAMELEON mobilizes themselves to help the victims: both families and employees. Employees and the young girls staying there have been safe and sound but the homes have been partly destroyed or flooded. The Centers and the offices have been damaged. About thirty families have found themselves in great difficulty. To support them as quickly as possible, CAMELEON, La Voix de l’Enfant (The Voice of the Child), the Fondation Engagés Solidaires (The Solidary Active Foundation) and the Fondation Artelia (Artelia’s Foundation) have rallied to fund an emergency help.


Typhoon HAIYAN

November 8th 2013: ten months after Typhoon Quinta, the terrible typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines and the North West of Panay Island where CAMELEON Association is located. The official -not final- account shows 6200 deaths, 28600 people injured, 1790 missing and more than 16 million* people displaced (among which 3 million in the region VI of the Visayas, where we are located). Material damages are considerable in 690 cities and are put at 665 million euros.
Fortunately, despite the violence of the winds (350 km/h), CAMELEON children and staff are safe and sound but most of the families have lost it all. Thanks to the mobilization of the teams and donors, CAMELEON Association has intervened in the emergency by providing food, cares and clothes to 340 families (1800 individuals). The aid continues during the RECONSTRUCTION phase and CAMELEON works to renovate and rebuild 320 houses and its own structures in Passi.
(*Source: National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council)