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« CAMELEON always needs you, together we can heal the wounds of the past and help these children build a future »
Laure Favre Kahn

Laure Favre-Kahn - Sponsor in France

Laure Favre-Kahn has been a sponsor of CAMELEON Association since November 2004.

Laure Favre-Kahn studied the piano at the Avignon Conservatory, and later at the National Music Conservatory Paris in the class of Bruno Rigutto, where, at 17 years old, she unanimously received the highest distinction (Premier Prix).

At 20 years old, she recorded her first album, dedicated to Schumann, with Arion, followed by her second recording devoted to Chopin.

In 1999, she participated in the Midem Music Conference in Cannes, where she was recognized as one of the Classical Revelations by the ADAMI association.

In May 2001, she was unanimously awarded the first prize of the international piano competition in New York, and gave a recital at Carnegie Hall in October of the same year. Following that concert, she was nominated Pro Piano Artist of the Year and recorded an album in 2003 dedicated to Reynaldo Hahn.

She regularly gives piano recitals, concerts and chamber music performances in France and abroad, notably with the violinist Nemanja Radulovic.

Laure Favre-Kahn is a sponsor of a young girl under CAMELEON’s care. www.laurefavrekahn.fr

« Take action, invest yourself, don’t wait until it’s too late:
that is the point of our work 
KC Conception

KC Concepcion - Sponsor in The Philippines

Kristina Cassandra Concepcion, or KC, is a CAMELEON sponsor since 2007. She is the daughter of two famous actors in the Philippines. As an actress and a singer herself, KC is a national celebrity in the Philippines.

Before becoming an artist, KC was already a media darling, celebrated by the fans of her parents. In 2003 she became the ambassador of several brands. The same year, she decided to study in France.

KC was studying communication at the Ecole Internationale de Paris when she met Laurence Ligier. Upon completing her studies, she returned to the Philippines, where she quickly found success as an actress and a singer.

Acutely aware of the plight of abused children in the Philippines, KC came to Iloilo to visit the association in 2007, where the girls organized a show in her honor. KC, in turn, performed her hit song « Sundo », a song about loyalty and friendship.

Moved by this experience, KC decided to become a sponsor of CAMELEON. In parallel, she is a National Ambassador against Hunger of the United Nations’ World Food Program, and takes both these causes very seriously.

KC’s fame and influence among Filipino youth have helped raise awareness on child abuse in the country and on the work of CAMELEON.

KC Conception is herself a sponsor of a young girl in CAMELEON’s care

Our friends and ambassadors in France

Brigitte Ayrault

The wife of former French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault met Laurence Ligier when accompanying her husband on an official visit to the Philippines. Brigitte Ayrault was so touched by the work of CAMELEON that she organized a concert in Paris to benefit CAMELEON. Brigitte Ayrault has since regularly attended the association’s events.

Valérie Bègue

Miss France 2008 and TV host Valérie Bègue participated in the television game show Attention à la Marche, with proceeds going to CAMELEON, and remains involved with the association.

Adeline Blondieau

As a CAMELEON Ambassador, the actress Adeline Blondieau participated in the shows La Ferme Célébrités en Afrique and Un Dîner Presque Parfait, with proceeds going to CAMELEON. She also participated in a circus concert organized in March 2015 with the ENACR with proceeds going to CAMELEON. She remains very involved with the association.

Léa Castel

The singer Léa Castel participated in a circus concert organized in March 2015 with the ENACR with proceeds going to CAMELEON.

Delphine Chanéac

The actress Delphine Chanéac participated in the show Fort Boyard, with proceeds going to CAMELEON.

Guilaine Chenu

As a TV journalist, Guilaine Chenu produced three TV reports on CAMELEON for Envoyé Spécial on France 2 (Envoyé Spécial : La 500ème, Envoyé Spécial : Les 15 ans, Envoyé Spécial : La suite). Along with Françoise Joly, she travelled to the Philippines in 2002 to produce the first report, and has since remained very involved with CAMELEON.

Lica De Guzman

Filipino-Swiss singer Lica de Guzman sang at a CAMELEON event in Geneva in celebration of its 15-year anniversary, and has since become a CAMELEON Ambassador in Switzerland.

Calixte De Nigremont

Calixte De Nigremont, Master of Ceremonies for major events (The Olympia Inauguration, the World Cup Final, etc.) presented the circus performance organized in March 2015 with ENACR benefitting CAMELEON.


Olivier Delacroix

The journalist Olivier Delacroix produced a documentary on street children in the Philippines, with help from Laurence Ligier. He remains very involved in CAMELEON.

Julie Depardieu

The actress Julie Depardieu participated in the show “Qui Veut Gagner des Millions”, with proceeds going to CAMELEON.

Marion Dumas

The actress Marion Dumas was the narrator of the children’s story written by CAMELEON, entitled “A Chameleon on the Shoulder”. She hosted CAMELEON’s 15-year anniversary celebration.

Loup-Denis Elion

Loup-Denis Elion participated in CAMELEON’s 15-year anniversary celebration, reading the children’s testimonials.

Gévrise Emane

Gévrise Emane, Judoka, European Champion and Bronze Medalist from the Olympic Games in London participated in the CAMELEON circus performance with ENACR in March 2015.

Dominique Farrugia

Director and producer Dominique Farrugia has filmed in the Philippines, and remains very involved in our cause. He participated in the show “Qui Veut Gagner des Millions”, with proceeds going to CAMELEON.

Marc Fichel

The singer Marc Fichel composed a song for CAMELEON. He also gave a concert in benefit of the association.

Maud Fontenoy

The navigator Maud Fontenoy is an active supporter of CAMELEON and invited Laurence Ligier on her boat for the show Contre-Courant on Europe 1.

Minino Garay

The singer and percussionist Minino Garay gave a benefit concert for CAMELEON.

Franck Gastambide

The comedian and director participated in Fort Boyard in 2016.

Virginie Guilhaume

As a CAMELEON Ambassador, The TV host Virginie Guilhaume participated in the shows Fort Boyard, N’oubliez pas les paroles as well as Operation Rockcorps. She is very involved in CAMELEON’s work, and is even a sponsor of one of the girls under CAMELEON’s care.


Musical duo Ibeyi mixes pop, soul and Afro-Cuban rhythms with influences they inherited from their father, percussionist Anga Diaz, known to have officiated in the Buena Vista Social Club. They posed with CAMELEON’s mascot.

Christine Janin

The first French woman to climb Everest and cross the North Pole on foot, Christine Janin is the founding director of the association À Chacun son Everest. Christine carried out two missions with CAMELEON Philippines (installing the rock-climbing wall, training the children).

Françoise Joly

The TV journalist Françoise Joly produced three TV reports on CAMELEON for Envoyé Spécial on France 2 (Envoyé Spécial : La 500ème, Envoyé Spécial : Les 15 ans, Envoyé Spécial : La suite). Along with Guilaine Chenu, she travelled to the Philippines in 2002 to produce the first report, and has since remained very involved with CAMELEON.

Jean-Pascal Lacoste

The actor Jean-Pascal Lacoste participated in the show Attention à la Marche, with proceeds going to CAMELEON.

Mikelangelo Loconte

Singer Mikelangelo Loconte participated in March 2015 in the CAMELEON circus concert with ENACR and at the May 2015 mission in the Philippines.

Camille Lou

The French actress, singer, and composer participated in Fort Boyard in 2016.

Dominique Magloire

The singer La chanteuse Dominique Magloire gave an opera concert with proceeds going to CAMELEON.

Susan Manoff

The pianist Suzanne Manoff gave a benefit concert with our CAMELEON Sponsor Laure Favre-Kahn for CAMELEON.

Mélanie Maudran

The actress Mélanie Maudran supports CAMELEON through her regular attendance of CAMELEON events.

Melissa M

The R&B singer Melissa M participated in the show Fort Boyard, with proceeds going to CAMELEON.

Mister V

The comedian and youtuber participated in the 2016 edition of Fort Boyard in support of CAMELEON.

Bernard Montiel

The TV host Bernard Montiel participated in the show Attention à la Marche, with proceeds going to CAMELEON.

Emmeline Ndongue Jouanin

Retired basketball champion Emmeline Ndongue Jouanin gets involved with CAMELEON as soon as often as she can as part of her events or actions of solidarity with the sports world.

Gwladys Nocera

The golf champion Gwladys Nocera provided golf equipment for the children of CAMELEON.

Sabrina Ouazani

Actress Sabrina Ouazani participated in the CAMELEON circus concert with ENACR in March 2015 and at the May 2015 mission in the Philippines. She also participated in Fort Boyard in 2016, with proceeds going to CAMELEON.

Alex Pandev

Actress Alex Pandev participated in the organization of a Minino Garay concert for the benefit of CAMELEON. She supports the association by attending various events.

Bruno Putzulu

The actor Bruno Putzulu participated in the TV show Fort Boyard with proceeds going to CAMELEON.

Nemanja Radulovic

The violinist Nemanja Radulovic gave a benefit concert with our French sponsor, pianist Laure Favre-Kahn, with proceeds going to CAMELEON.

Luc Richard
Luc Richard is the pedagogical director of ENACR, the national school of circus arts in Rosny-sous-Bois. Each year, Luc and some students from ENACR volunteer in Philippines to conduct circus workshops for the children and create shows with them.

Musician and Singer Sansévérino participated in a circus concert organized in March 2015 with the
ENACR benefitting CAMELEON.

Coline Serreau

Coline Serreau, Director and former President of the Académie Fratellini, welcomed 4 young Filipino girls from CAMELEON to a 7-month circus course at the Académie Fratellini.

Tomer Sisley

Actor Tomer Sisley participated in a circus concert organized in March 2015 with ENACR  to support CAMELEON association.


Actor and comic Smaïn participated in the concert, “The Animal Carnival,” with Laure Favre-Kahn, for the benefit of CAMELEON.

Anouar Toubali

The actor participated in Fort Boyard in 2016.

Corinne Touzet

The actress Corinne Touzet participated in the TV show Attention à la Marche in support of CAMELEON.


The author, composer, and performer participated in Fort Boyard in 2016.

Sonia Vollereaux

The actress Sonia Vollereaux participated in CAMELEON’s 15-year anniversary celebration by reading texts written by the children.

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Apprentis d’Auteuil

Au bonheur du fouineur

Avenir Focus

AXA Assurance
(Agence Benoit Noël)

Brain and Software International – BSI


CDC Développement solidaire


Cocktail Scandinave


Delta Trailers


Eliza les ailes du voyage

Fondation 154

Fondation Air France

Fondation Amanjaya

Fondation ARTELIA

Fondation BNP Paribas

Fondation de France

Fondation du Grand Orient de France

Fondation Engagés Solidaires

Fondation ENGIE

Fondation Ombrie

Fondation Raja-Danièle Marcovici

Fonds l’Oréal pour les Femmes

Fonds Meyer Louis-Dreyfus

Hôtels Paris Rive Gauche

KIWANIS Lyon Confluence

L’Etal Savoyard

La Cabane

Les Boutiques du personnel de CLARINS

Librairie Red Wheelbarrow

Maison des Vins de Chalon sur Saône


Optique Caméléon

QDC Services SAS

Quebec Inc (La Cabane à Mario) au Quebec

SARL Jules Romain


Social Brain

Talents et Partage

Upside Media

Vision Nomade


Zonta Club Paris Port Royal Concorde


Agence Française de Développement (AFD)

Agence du Service Civique

Ambassade de France aux Philippines

Ambassade des Philippines en France

DGCS (Direction Générale de la
Cohésion Sociale) – Ministère des Solidarités et de la Santé

Le Grand Chalon

Marie de Chalon sur Saône

Ministère des affaires étrangères du Luxembourg

VOICE (Ministère des Affaires Etrangères des Pays Bas)

Schools / Associations

A Chacun Son Everest

Association Française des Fundraisers (AFF)


Collège Albert Vinçon

Collège Sainte Philomène (Couëron)

Coopération Humanitaire Luxembourgeois (CHL)

Coordination Sud

Ecole Louis Pasteur (Orgeval)

Ecole Nationale des Arts de
Rosny-sous-bois (ENACR)

Festival International du Film
pour les Droits de l’Homme (FIFDH)

France bénévolat

Groupe scolaire Le Caousou (Toulouse)

Hiligaynon Association

International Impact

Impact International

La Petite Manille

La Voix de l’Enfant

Paris je m’engage

Phare Ponleu Selpak (PPS)

Stop aux Violences Sexuelles




Aboitiz foundation


Additional list

Ama computer college

Apartment 1 b

Apron & torque gourment comfort
food, inc.

Atty. Sedfrey cabaluna

Australian embassy-manila

Azuthai and milky way

Banco De Oro (BDO) foundation

Barefoot senorita/senorito inc


Bombo radyo

British Council


CAMELEON Luxembourg

CAMELEON Switzerland

Carmona family

Chef jessie restaurants

CNN philippines- profiles

Cochingyan & Partners (law office)

Commission on population-iloilo,
region vi

Conrad Manila

Consuelo Foundation

Department of agriculture-iloilo

Department of education-iloilo province

Department of health- iloilo province

Department of interior and local government-capiz province

Department of labor and employment, region vi

Department of science and technology – iloilo province

Department of social welfare and development

Department of trade and industry, region vi

Diamond hotel

Family planning organization Philippines

French embassy-Manila

Fronthub medilab clinic

Hercor college

Iloilo provincial health office

Iloilo science of technology university

Julianne cuppcakes

KC concepcion

KPMG foundation

L’Oreal Philippines

La Bamba

Lion’s club of Iloilo

Lion’s club of Passi

Lion’s club oudenaarde

Manila bulletin

Maridel villavicencio



MG travel & tours

Mitch monfort-bautista

Mr. & Mrs. Celso Legarda

Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy golez

Mr. & Mrs. Steven chan

Municipality of bingawan

Municipality of san enrique national economic & development authority – region vi

Palomo optical

Park inn clark

Park inn davao

Passi city

Passi trade school

Paulina realty & development corp.

People Asia

Philippine Airline (pal)

Philippine Daily Inquirer

Philippine obstretrics & gynecological society – region vi

Philippine star

Philippines charity sweepstakes office

Pico de loro beach and country club

Pico sands hotel

Producto lokal

Province of Capiz

Province of Iloilo

Province of Negros occidental


Radisson Blu Cebu

Raja Foundation

Reed elsevier

RMN radyo

Rotary club of Jaro

Rotary club of Passi

San Miguel Foundation, inc.


Silay city/ local government
of Silay

SM care

SM hotels and conventions

SM moa

SM publicity

Sonya’s garden


State of head mission philippines

Taal vistal hotel

Technical education skills & development

Tender bob’s group

The boss-anc (abs-cbn)

US peace corp Philippines

Virtuoso master

West visayas states unversity medical center

Wildflour bakery

Zonta club of makati-ayala

Zonta club of makati-environs



Alex Keshavjee – Graphite

Amélie Daniel – Artiste chanteuse Suisse

Association La Main Tendue – (Vaud)

BNP Paribas (GE) _ bénévolat de compétences

Clarins SA Genève

Club KIWANIS – Orbe (VD)

Collège de Montchoisi – Orbe (VD)

Dancers For the World (DFW)

Denis Villard – Glucoze passion

EyeFood Factory Lausanne

Fondation Madeleine Moret / « La Maison de la Femme » – Lausanne (VD)

Fondation Ombrie

Giving Women (GE)

Innovage Suisse romande (via M. Bolognini)

Institut Le Rosey (Rolle)

Lalive (bureau d’avocats)

MCI Genève (GE) (via S. Fellay)

NERI  labels – Barberino di Mugello 


CHL (Coopération Humanitaire Luxembourg)

Fondation NIF

Jeune barreau du Luxembourg

KPMG Luxemboug

Loyens & Loeff

Ministère des Affaires Etrangères du Luxembourg


Benjamin Burghartz

Club 51 – Ladies Meetjesland


Fondation du Roi Baudouin

Lions Club d’Oudenaarde

CAMELEON France is a partner of the King Baudouin Foundation in accordance with Transnational Giving Europe (TGE) since July 2011. TGE is a partnership between renowned European foundations. It allows cross-border donations for projects in Belgium from another European country, or, conversely, from Belgium for projects in another European country. TGE simplifies the administrative process for the donor and ensures that donations will be directly allocated to quality projects. Thanks to the network, the donor also benefits from the tax deductibility of their donations in their country of origin, in accordance with the legislation in force. In Europe, it is currently the only way to make cross-border tax-deductible donations.


Chefs Feed Kids

Global Giving

King Baudouin Foundation US (KBFUS)

Madonna University (Livonia)

On Board for Kids

Sunantha Camila Foundation

The King Baudouin Foundation USA (KBFUS) is a charitable organization, as defined by Articles 501 (c) (3) and 509 (a) (1) of the Tax Code, which allows US donors to effectively and securely support and  European and African non-profit associations, while benefiting from a tax deduction. The Foundation allows individuals, families, businesses or foundations to donate to causes that affect them.

The Foundation also helps European and African organizations to raise funds in the United States. Thanks to the goodwill of the American Friends, they can reach the American donors and invite them to support their cause by tax deductible donations. CAMELEON France has been a partner of KBFUS since February 2014.


Infants Del Mòn (IDM) has been working with CAMELEON since 2003, as part of the Education and Development program, through school sponsorship of young people from rural areas (Maasin, Tuburan). Six children were educated thanks to IDM and its Andorran sponsors. IDM also helps in cases of natural disasters.