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Do you think that every child has the right to a future ?

Do you want to change the life of a child born in a country where 47.5% of the population lives on less than 1.52 €/day while forging lasting bond with him ?

Become a sponsor !

Sponsoring with CAMELEON, it’s offering a unique chance to cope for child victims of sexual violence or extreme poverty in the Philippines, by giving them the means to build a future.
The individual sponsorship is one of main field of our association.

What can you bring him ? A future and a morale support.

Your godchild receives, through individual sponsorship that bear the costs for school and extracurricular, an irreplaceable lack of confidence and of attention up to his complete autonomy. He or she can go to school, and graduate from college will allow him to access a qualified well rewarded job and to provide for his family, thus radiating on all civil society.

What you receive ? Considerable joy and emotion. 

« Sponsor like us, you will receive a lot more than you will ever give ! »
Philippe & Muriel, sponsors for 6 years

An authentic and personal bond arise sparsely between you and your godchild, through exchange of mails and photos and a visit on spot if you consider it ! You are changing a child’s life, and this way changing the world’s perspectives.
Plus your contributions are financially deductible up tp 75% !





Sponsored child

Sponsoring a child or a teen from the Personal reconstruction / Reintegration and Autonomy programs

Sponsoring a child or a teen from the Personal reconstruction / Reintegration and Autonomy programms

Little girls and young women are between 5 and 24 years old. They are supported by one or two sponsors until the end of their studies. The sponsorship contributes to the reconstruction process because the young girl finds, alongside his sponsor, a caring person that motivates her to follow through her studies and helps her to regain confidence in her abilities.

Sponsoring a teenager of the Education and Development program

Children, boys or girls, are between 10 and 24 years old. They come from underprivileged families hailing from villages close to our foster houses. They have excellent educational outcomes and goes to the same schools as the teenagers from the Personal reconstruction/Reintegration program. They are supported by one sponsor until the end of their studies and benefits, as well as their families, from medical and social care from CAMELEON. The parents of the beneficiaries of this program contributes to some of the costs.


Aline’s Testimony, sponsor and volunteer

Aline, sponsor of a little girl and journalist by profession, went to the Philippines for 2 months in the beginning of 2018. She tells us :  "I wanted to volunteer since childhood. Retiring at age 62, I had been thinking for a year or two about NGOs, not yet knowing...

Volunteer France and sponsor : Marie-Paule’s testimony

My crush for Philippines goes back to 35 years. At the time during a trip to different islands, I had seen how people were smiling and welcoming and yet so poor. Then three years ago, Catherine a friend and sponsor of a girl, told me about CAMELEON. The visit of the...

Ready to become a sponsor?


According to your budget and to the needs of each child, you bear a part of the school fees and the extracurricular costs of your godchild within the CAMELEON programs : 

  • Each sponsor must become a member.

    I participate in my membership (35 € per year)

28€ = school fees, school supplies, uniforms


44€ = school fees, school supplies, uniforms, transports, school trips


56€ = school fees, school supplies, uniforms, transports, school trips, exams fees, internships and professional training, personalized academic support

The form allows you to pay by Credit Card, but feel free to contact us for any requirements: parrainages@cameleon-association.org


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