Last june, Patricia DELON, member of the french Administrative Board, became the new President of CAMELEON Association France. Her expertise help us to think our strategy, with an innovative vision, to develop our actions in France. Read her interview below.

Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Patricia Delon et I have had a long career in marketing, management and as chief executive. I have been committed to women’s empowerment and their promotion to positions of reponsability within firms and non-profit organizations for 20 years now, to provide equal opportunities. For this purpose, I have co-founded “ESCP au féminin” (ESCP for women) and I am a market researcher within the “Grandes Ecoles au Féminin”. My associative implication means a lot to me, in order to act against the stereotypes of the “proper place” of women in society and ensure rights and equal opportunities.

How have you heard about CAMELEON?

I met Laurence Ligier, CAMELEON founding director, in holidays in Philippines, by luck! I was moved by the cause, in awe of Laurence’s implication and I offered to help. I was moved by the cause, in awe of Laurence’s implication and I offered to help. I became member of the Executive Board and, last june, I took the presidence of CAMELEON Association France.

Why did you agree to become President?

I am thoroughly convinced that we must get involved, we must act, we must do anything in our power to take position. Something must be done in every field for Women and Children’s rights, I am certain of it, that’s why I agreed. CAMELEON is the extension of my activist engagement. Thus, I aim at bringing my expertise to help thinking about the strategy of CAMELEON to develop the activities of the association in France.

Why is it important to act?

I am still discovering the taboo of sexual violence towards children and I realise that it’s part of the problem. CIIVISE’s work exposed the fact that there was a main subject about child protection which needed to be treated carefully. That means collective and individual bravery that must be found. We must not close the window that the CIIVISE opened on the reality of the situation. In the end, it is thousands of victims who are not listened to and who don’t find justice. We must have the strengh to go forward; we need to look straight at the problem even if it’s difficult to stand against it.