Spotlight on those who give of their time and share their skills to act for the protection of children! Discover the commitment of Jocelyne, a volunteer at CAMELEON France.

Introduce yourself and tell us how you knew CAMELEON?

I have lived in Suresnes for more than 50 years, my family is from Franche Comté. I  know CAMELEON since I saw a report in 2010. I took a 4-month reflection period after this broadcast to send my application to sponsor a child. Since then I have sponsored 4 children always with great happiness.

What are your missions as a CAMELEON volunteer?

I participate in the functioning of the administrative part, especially the seizure of the various donations, sponsorships, which allows at the end of the month to feed the accounting and once a year to issue tax receipts. We are three volunteers working on this position.

Why did you choose our association?

I probably met at a good time in my life. I liked its human size, its mission with children. And I love Asia, so everything was put together for me to get started.

What does the experience of volunteering bring to your daily life? Why is it important for you to get involved?

In a normal health context, it’s great, I would come to the office once a week, in contact with the young volunteers in civic service or employees who worked at CAMELEON. The volunteers were integrated into the life of the association, we knew the projects, the objectives. It was very motivating and often funny to hear them discuss at lunchtime.

With the crisis, telework took over.  It was a bit complicated at first. Today I found my rhythm, and I come to the office once a month.

Commitment and volunteerism are essential for me. It’s my nature, I couldn’t live only for myself. In addition, I was lucky to have sponsored children with whom I forged very strong ties, while I was in France. I was lucky enough to go to the Philippines twice and see the work being done there, the impact we have on those children.

What are your best memories? What do you remember about the years you spent supporting CAMELEON association?

In my role as sponsor, it is the reception of letters, to see my sponsored children evolve, my visits there, the reception of families, the links that remain after the sponsorship. I realized that I received more than I was giving. It’s just great.

In my role as a volunteer, it is the usefulness of the work done, essential for the good management of CAMELEON, it also allows the association to reduce its operating costs. CAMELEON is constantly evolving; new projects of the Mission Sociale France, taking charge of girls in the Philippines, as well as children from villages.

My regret, my level of English which does not allow me to do missions on the spot.

Would you have a word to encourage new volunteers to join CAMELEON’s big family?

CAMELEON is a Human-sized association, with a team in Paris, motivated, innovative, welcoming, available and very attentive. CAMELEON’s actions are indispensable both in France and in the Philippines.  It is concrete.

I never regret the time I spent as a volunteer.

Describe CAMELEON in one sentence.

CAMELEON provides concrete assistance to young girls victims of sexual violence in the Philippines, helps poor children in villages, and is invested in France in prevention among children about their rights, violence and risks related to social networks.