Very active, Fabien comes mainly to help with the computer maintenance. Here is his testimony:

“I’ve been a volunteer for CAMELEON since September 2008, 10 years now! It was the volunteer week, I had heard of it via Firefox that did the promotion. I had some free time and so I looked for an association that needed help in my domain (area of expertise?), information technology (IT).

Since then, I have been able to be present for the association in different ways. For example, I ran the Paris Half Marathon for the organization! I also ran stands with other volunteers. I came to different events: concerts, meetings, volunteer meet get-togethers. I participated in the different moves of CAMELEON. Finally, I lend a hand when there are computer problems.

I am proud to be able to help the association. This will maybe be the same for your case too. You are not obligated to have specific knowledge, the organization needs help in lots of areas! You only need to have a little time during the week or weekend for events.”

Thank you, Fabien for this testimony! If you too would like to invest your time in CAMELEON, do not hesitate: