Back from volunteering like no other!

The Badoux family (Alexandre, Sara, their four children, and their babysitter) went to the Philippines from December 6th to the 17th, 2018.

This family set a challenge to visit around ten countries, including Togo, Lebanon, Réunion from September 2018 until August 2019 in order to explore the question of the education of young people and the actors that push them to discover and make use of their talents for their own fulfillment.

Interested in CAMELEON’s work, they chose to undertake a 10-day mission in our Welcome Houses. Veterinarians by profession, the parents brought their knowledge to the farm. As for the kids and the babysitter, they organized manual activities, both artistic and athletic.

As of now, they are currently en route to Australia and write us their testimony on the road. In the meantime, here is a small glimpse of their mission: