Other Organizations

Support us

You want to support us and you are :

A school

Teachers and youths……we need your support! You have the possibility, in your school, to mobilize large groups by organizing events for CAMELEON: coffeehouse debates, awareness campaign stands, solidarity evening events, fundraisings, pastry sales, babysitting, «rice bowl» events, sale of Christmas trees, concerts, sponsorship of a child by your school, etc. 

A service club

If you collect funds you can allocate them to contribute to one of CAMELEON’s projects. We can also make presentations about our programs to your club and communicate with your members on subject like: sexual abuse, Children’s rights, or volunteering.

An association

If one of our programs (Education, Health, Sports, Education/Professional Training, Rehabilitation, Prevention against sexual abuses…) meets the objective of your association, you can support our programs by financing ongoing CAMELEON projects.

A foundation

Foundations can financially support our projects. Please contact us so that we can send you a detailed project proposal.

A local or regional authority

Local authorities, Regional Councils, Ministries… You have experience in international exchanges, decentralized cooperation and you wish to raise awareness among your citizens on international solidarity, cultural differences and global issues? Become a partner of our association!