“In the spring of 2014, as I joined CAMELEON Association as a volunteer, I was quickly promoted to the position of a crew member of a magnificent sailboat that keeps going back-and-forth trips between the Philippines Sea and our European coasts. There, in the Asian archipelago, I immediately saw that too many children (especially young girls) suffer unbearable social and sanitary situations or child abuses. The very first mission Eulalie, a likeable, smiling and very professional young lady, gave me was to create CAMELEON’s Youtube and Dailymotion channels by drawing from the (sometimes old) audiovisual archives of the organization. I watched about 30 videos in order to upload them.

Eulalie, but also Claire in 2014, welcomed me and accepted me on this boat that embodies values like commitment or hope, but also fights against all that is likely to scorn Childhood: the unhealthy work instead of the Right to Education, poverty and / or precariousness that almost never goes with the word “dignity”, the physical and psychological abuses suffered by all these girls who, like all the Children of the World, need tenderness, laughs and games; what they need is a youthful carelessness!

I quickly heard Laurence LIGIER, the dynamic and brave founder of CAMELEON, speak about rapes and incest during interviews. 

Horrors happening, right now, thousands of kilometers from the French Families, from the European Schools, where our children are almost always cherished; where they have the opportunity to blossom, to access knowledge, to be happy!

It has been almost two years since I started volunteering for the large sailing boat CAMELEON. Since I am passionate about digital images and computing, Maeva, the new volunteer manager who knows how to be as motivating as friendly and smiling, allowed me to realize photo-reportage during CAMELEON events, to make video editing, but also to ensure sometimes, according to my computer know-how, the IT maintenance of the computers that use the employees and the trainees of the Association. The French Executive Director Laurence entrusted me with missions that involve responsibility and I thank her for that. I do my best to be worthy of this.

The protection and development of the well-being of children everywhere around the world is one of the fairest causes for which we can involve. Becoming a volunteer at CAMELEON means doing everything to heal and get paid back with smiles and fingers in “V” sign !!!