“Two years ago I was lucky enough to go on holiday to the Philippines with my daughter Ambre to see some friends. We were in Manilla, there was the beach, the terraced rice fields, but what struck me the most was the kindness of the Filipino people. When I came back home, I came across CAMELEON, an organization located near where I live doing work that I felt was important, so I decided to become a volunteer and godmother as part of the association.

As a godmother, I enjoy the many exchanges I have with my goddaughter (who is the same age as my daughter). As a volunteer, I have organized and taken part in craft sales: at the Vache Noire mall, at my workplace’s cafeteria (the French bank BNP Paribas), at the concert venue La Cigale during events, etc. I also support the organization by collecting clothes and suggesting corporate sponsors and venues for photo exhibitions. After the summer, I am going to fill in a request for sponsorship with my employer, who encourages volunteer work.

All this gives me a lot of satisfaction and I hope to continue working with the friendly, motivated teams at CAMELEON. Most of all, I love to have the chance to return to the Philippines, country that I immediately loved. I will perhaps be able to meet my goddaughter and visit the centers there.

Christèle, godmother and volunteer in France