Colette is doing a 3 and a half months mission on the field, in support to the young Ambassadors of Chidren’s rights for the Prevention and Advocacy program.

She has been able to carry sensitization workshop in the villages, and also to do the animation for children coming from different communities. Colette has participated to a convention 

Elle a pu mener des ateliers de sensibilisation au sein des villages, et également faire de l’animation pour les enfants de différentes communautés. Colette participated to a convention for the Commission on Children’s rights in collaboration with UNICEF and a research center for human rights. Finally, during a circus show led by the girls from the center, she was able to speak during the first part to raise public awareness, make CAMELEON known and collect donations. Colette has, moreover, wrote her research paper on sponsorship. 


Sébastien, from the “Ficelle et Compagnie” association, de l’association Ficelle et Compagnie, left for the 2nd time on a 3 weeks mission in order to teach to young Ambassadors of Children’s rights and to Ambassadors of Health the basics of theater-forum* on the themes of violence, neglect and sexual violence.

Coached by Sébastien, they were able to perform a show in front of 200 children from the villages. Children’s rights Ambassadors also performed at a school and Summer Camp.

*Theater-forum : Interactive theater show that allows through the theatrical game to bring out the word and the thought around a chosen theme.

Dancers for the World

Kilian, from the Swiss association Dancers for The World, went to the CAMELEON center for the third time to give dance lessons over a weekend. He was accompanied by Micheline and Odessa who are professional “sirens” : they presented their activity to the girls from the centers in the pool of Passi.


Corinne, sponsor, went on a one-month mission to the CAMELEON center. Professional of the hospitality industry, she gave introductory courses to these jobs to several young people from the center and surrounding communities..

Away during the school holidays, she also animated various art workshops: painting, coloring, pearls workshops, scoubidous for girls in the center.

Corinne had the opportunity to visit the bakery and the farm, managed by parents of children beneficiaries of the association.

Luc Richard

Luc went back to the field with his wife Ramoch to give a circus training to the young trainers of the centers. Then, they implemented this training by teaching it in their turn to other girls. Together, they prepared a show at the Iloilo Mall, which took place during Mother’s Day.

Ramoch, for his part, gave cambodian cooking lessons to the girls.


Leslie returned to France in May after 4 months of missions in the Philippines to help to the draft of the  CAMELEON Philippines 2017 activity report..