Aline, sponsor of a little girl and journalist by profession, went to the Philippines for 2 months in the beginning of 2018. She tells us : 

“I wanted to volunteer since childhood.

Retiring at age 62, I had been thinking for a year or two about NGOs, not yet knowing where I could be useful. It was the meeting between my son Lambert and Sabine in the Philippines that directed me towards CAMELEON. The NGO was celebrating its 20th anniversary and needed a journalist. Seduced by the association, Lambert decided to sponsor one of its beneficiaries and I did the same. Free from any professional obligation, I left at the end of January 2018 for 2 months of mission.

Between February and April 2018, I took stock of the many actions developed by CAMELEON over the last 20 years. All accompanied by peripheral articles on the lives of children, their activities … I was able to follow the staff of Passi on preventive actions for the protection of children, in schools, with them but also their parents. I discovered the sexual education missions provided by former beneficiaries of CAMELEON to young students, the giving of donations, the economic programs intended to employ parents of beneficiaries to give them financial autonomy (farm with culture and breeding chickens, bakeries, sewing workshop …) …

At the same time, I ran zumba classes every week with the girls. I often went on learning the choreographies they themselves developed. I was able to participate in their sports training and warm-ups before the circus sessions.

In my case, my mission as a journalist allowed me both to get into the concrete activities of an NGO and to share the life of staff and beneficiaries. We always keep in mind what happened to these little and big girls. Behind this joie de vivre, these permanent smiles, this energy and these bursts of laughter during the games, the dances … hide dramas that explode from time to time in the form of crises of unending tears.

We must unfortunately be careful not to create strong links, despite the desire and natural affinities. Separation can be difficult …

I also had the pleasure of meeting my goddaughter Melody. Going to see her at home, discover her place of life, her environment so far from our western living conditions, of course, struck me. I was able to spend another day with her, in another context.

The testimonies of tenderness on the occasion of the departure, with the party concocted for us, the numerous drawings, letters, are particularly touching.

An inevitably significant experience.”