Do not worry, le prélèvement à la source does not change your rights to a tax reduction!

CAMELEON is an organization established under the French act of 1901, recognized for its charity and assistance. For this reason, if you give us a donation, within the 20% limit of your taxable income, this will be exempted/exonerated up to 75% (up to 536 €) and up to 66% beyond this limit. A donation of 100€ after tax exemption only really costs you 25€.

Deduction at the source, which goes into effect January 1st, 2019, changes nothing for your donations!

On January 15, 2019, you will receive an advance payment of 60% of the amount of the tax reduction you received in 2018 for the donations you made in 2017. In July 2019, after the 2018 income tax return in the spring, the balance will be returned to you.

For example, for a 100€ donation, your tax reduction would be put into effect in two stages: 45€ in January then 30€ in July.

If you have given a donation in 2018, you need to declare it in Mary 2019 on your usual return and you will receive the balance of this deposit in July 2019.

Conversely, if you did not give a donation in 2018, you will have to reimburse the deposit amount that you received in January 2019.

Only donations made in 2017 are affected by the advance payment of a deposit. People who have not made or declared donations in 2017 will not be able to obtain this deposit.

To be eligible for a tax deduction, you must declare your donation on your income tax return via the Cerfa “CREDITS TAX TAX REDUCTIONS” form no. 15637 * 02 (2942-RICI), box 7UD.