Victoria has been an on-field volunteer for a month and tells us about her mission.

I always wanted to volunteer abroad, in a local organization. My “personal schedule” allowed me to do so when I ended nursing school, so I looked for organizations based in Asia. I had never wanted to go to the Philippines, but I came across CAMELEON’s call for volunteers. I read more about them and their history and I immediately wanted to be involved in the actions they carried in the Philippines.

Then, I was “recruited” for a month-long mission regarding the October vacation animation and for a “health” mission, meaning I would assist the Filipino nurse preparing the Annual Health Day and her everyday tasks (accompanying the girls going to medical follow-ups, updating medical files, data computerization…) On top of all these missions, I particularly liked sharing my everyday-life with the girls, as well as accompanying them to their circus shows and other sports and activities…

I was moved by the warm welcome and the kindness of the Filipino staff. They made me feel like I was part of the team very quickly, as I was told they would. Their strength, courage and joyfulness despite their life stories were very humbling.

It seemed impossible to come back to France without supporting a child after volunteering in the Philippines, seeing the girls’ everyday life and the work of the team – as of now, I am a godmother ! I will remember this experience for the rest of my life.

I would advise anyone willing to volunteer for something to do it with CAMELEON, and for over a month if it is possible for them. The only regret I had was that it was not long enough.”