After typhoon Phanphone (Ursula) hit the Philippines and our region (Visayas) on Christmas Eve, there was also earthquake in Panay and Negros where CAMELEON foster centers, offices, staff and many families are located. Thankfully, children and staff are safe and sound but shocked because of the tremors power. Many of the children and staff houses were partially damaged (roofs / walls) and flooded. Both of the rehabilitation centers have also cracks to fix.

The epicenter was located in San Enrique where our farm and about 30 of our families are. The earth quaked (4.9 on the Richter scale) at a radius of 14km.

  • Intensity IV in Tapaz, Capiz, Passi where our shelters and families are located, and Dingle.
  • Intensity III in Iloilo where our offices, dormitories and families are, in Bacolod (Negros) where our shelter in Silay and in La Carlota City (Negros), some of our children and staff are.
  • Intensity II in Roxas, Capiz where some of our young people and staff are.

It is Christmas holidays so many children and staff returned home to see their family. Some of their housing were hit and we must help them for the reconstruction.

To help these victims of natural disasters, we launch this fundraising campaign to bring emergency help to the children and families we support, they need to go back to their daily life.

Thank you if you can give a donation to help us !

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