« To show my gratefulness to all front liners, I made a banner “Fight a great fight, Stay strong and be Brave”. For me the meaning of this phrase; no matter how hard the situation, all the front liners need to fight for themselves and our country. Stay strong in every challenge and be brave in any situation like we face right now ; which is the Novel CORONA VIRUS or the COVID-19. I emphasize those frontliners and their family. They are fighting in a world battle and while doing so, they are putting themselves at risk. This is very clear to me because of my mother. She wakes up early and slept late. She is our hero in our community as Barangay Health Worker. Everyday, she would attend to different people and faced the dangers of being infected. My mother is proud and so are we, of her courage and compassion. This banner is for all frontliners, who like my mother, bravely fighting for everyone. »

– Sheena from Brgy Maasin (CAMELEON’s Community Development program)