On last April 11, La Voix de l’Enfant and the ENGIE Foundation launched “a drawing challenge for a solidarity approach between children“.

La Voix de l’Enfant was created in 1981 and has 82 member associations in 103 different countries. CAMELEON has been a member since 2013. This federation is committed to a daily fight for the defence and protection of children here and abroad.

For 25 years, the Engie Foundation has been supporting children and young people in distress in “integration projects through culture, education, health or sport“.

Children wishing to participate in this solidarity challenge had to draw their favourite hero – it could be an everyday hero, a superhero or an imaginary hero – and send it to La Voix de l’Enfant before April 25.

The drawings were then published in a permanent story and in a post on the Instagram accounts of La Voix de l’Enfant and the Fondation ENGIE respectively, making it possible for as many people as possible to view and share them.

This international solidarity challenge was to support all children during this time of crisis, to bring them happiness and to show them that even an activity as seemingly trivial as drawing can make a difference and contribute to a better world.

The CAMELEON girls were very excited when they heard about this project. They are very happy to have been able to take part and to give hope to children.

CAMELEON can only welcome this beautiful initiative promoting friendship and solidarity in the world and encourage those to come.