RESPECT ZONE, a positive prevention association against cyberviolence providing legal assistance to sexual abuse victims and CAMELEON announced their partnership during Safer Internet Day to fight hatred and cyber pedophilia on Internet.

This original partnership enables both associations to share their expertise to ensure an improved prevention for underaged in France as well as in the Philippines.

CAMELEON France will further develop its teams’ and their environment training about online protection of underaged. This is the landmark of Cameleon’s will to bowl out any kind of cyber abuse in compliance with the charter Respect Zone NGO

RESPECT ZONE will raise awareness of its own teams, more specifically on cyber child abuse. Through this partnership they will stress their will to work in direct relationship with child protection associations, accompanying them, regarding especially cyber  pedophilia and taking legal action.

Cyber child abuse is a modern fully expanding scourge

Children are exposed to cyberviolence from an early age; they are the more vulnerable as they spend more time behind their screens due to the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Interpol online cyber child abuse exchange volumes have been multiplied by 10 in March 2020 – whereas 750,000 online child sexual predators were constantly seeking new victims on Internet! It is alarming to see the apparition of new practices threatening underaged through Internet and social networks:

  • Grooming: an approach technique by child abusers to get children to trust them. They approach their victims through online games, discussion forums or social networks and manipulate them by progressively « sexualizing » their exchanges in order to obtain pictures or videos, organize a date to sexually abuse them
  • Sexting: production of pictures, sexual texts or videos showing children in their love and social relationship context. They can be blackmailed, harassed, sexually or financially liable or victims of any solicitation or any other form of manipulations by child abuse criminals, peers or adults
  • Live streaming: distant online ordered child rapes “live filmed” on Internet. International co-operation is in question, especially in France, the third country worldwide hosting criminal child abuse contents, and the Philippines, epicenter of this plague.

CAMELEON and RESPECT ZONE wish to join their forces to dike this scourge and build a safer Internet environment for children and teenagers.

Our actions within this partnership:

As they have been interacting within schools for many years for the benefit of thousands of children RESPECT ZONE and CAMELEON are developing a common pedagogic tool on cyberviolence and cyber child abuse.

Both partners also wish to work on campaigns and innovative prevention tools to communicate and raise awareness of general public to this international scourge as well as carry the voicing of child abuse victims.

In terms of advocacy both associations will voice the following demands to the public Authorities:

  • Impose a simplified pedagogical single signaling alert button on digital platforms to guarantee a speed-process of signals issued by underaged
  • Compulsory moderation of virtual spaces linking adults to underaged – especially on dating applications and sites through identification checking of adults and sanction/expulsion/signal/report of adults impersonating underaged
  • Include a specific chapter for prevention and fight against North/South cyber child abuse in the European and national fighting plans against prostitution and human trafficking and reinforce extraterritoriality measures
  • Broadcast National Campaigns (TV, social networks, radio, media) and communication tools to raise awareness of general public, parents and teenagers on cyber child abuse criminality
  • Increase financial and human resources of specialized investigators on cyberviolence and cyber child abuse criminality, especially for preliminary investigations (Office Central pour la Répression des Violences aux Personnes, Pharos…)

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