What is it?

Safer Internet Day is a global event, organized every February by the European Commission, to make the Internet a safer place for young people and adults and to encourage responsible online behaviours.

In 2020, Safer Internet Day (SID) took place on February 11 and initiatives has been deployed throughout the month. In France, Internet Sans Crainte is the national awareness program to help young people gain more control over their digital lives. This year’s campaign aimed to create a bridge between school and home by offering resources to parents and teachers to address this topic with children.

Why this mobilization?

The Internet is an integral part of our lives (for information, work, entertainment, communication…), and that happens at ever younger age. The SID is an opportunity for young people and adults to exchange together on “their way of living with screens” and to develop good practices. The Internet is a great tool, but it can also lead to risky situations. These risks must be discussed with young people so that their digital uses are part of a positive and protected context and so that they can be informed Internet users and citizens (recognizing the right information, protecting one’s private life and personal data, not exposing others, respecting copyright and image rights, protecting oneself from online harassment, etc.) Discover the actions organized in France.

An application for families

FamiNum is a customizable application that allows parents and children to build their own digital charter. Screens (Internet, television, video games, smartphones…) can be the object of tensions and negotiations or even sanctions in families. The aim is to move away from an approach that is all too often confrontational towards a constructive and effective dialogue and the respect of shared rules

The 5 steps to create your family’s digital charter:

  1. I define my family profile
  2. I access a collection of customizable best practices classified by theme and age
  3. I share the ones that interest me
  4. I select and personalize my favourites
  5. I share and/or print my selection for my family

https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tralalere or search on the application named «  FamiNum ».

In the event of a problem

Exposure to illegal content or behaviour

Maintaining a positive and caring environment is everyone’s business. As a citizen, parent or teacher, you can take action to make the Internet a better place for children and teens. Young people need to be able to surf and communicate without being exposed to harmful content or contact with people with bad intentions. If you come across illegal content or behaviour, report it!

You can make a report via the Pharos platform or via the site Pointdecontact.

Cyber-stalking, invasion of privacy, blackmail…

According to a survey conducted by Unicef in 30 countries in 2017, one in three young people report having been a victim of online bullying!

For any problem that children and young people may encounter in their digital practices, including cyber-bullying, you can call NET ECOUTE at 0 800 200 000. This is a free, anonymous and confidential line managed by e-Enfance.


Find the Association’s advice for parents and young people as well as the recommendations of the Ministry of Education in case of cyberbullying.