My name is Sylviane, I’m 59, married, and have two children, a 29-year-old girl and a 26-year-old son. I am a major bank employee and currently a skill sponsorship in an association fighting against deforestation around the world. It is one of my colleagues who made me know about CAMELEON, as she has also been a sponsor and a volunteer for several years. Her enthusiasm made me want to become a sponsor too.

My sponsor child’s name is Clarisse (* the name was modified for the child’s safety), she is 17, I have been her sponsorship since 2018. She is currently in high school, in “11th Grade” corresponding to our second year of high school students. She is a good learner and works very hard to succeed her studies. She would like to become a doctor; it is her dream, and it motivates her to study. She is now in a foster family and I have great feedback about them from her. Before, she had been at the CAMELEON Center since 2016, “released” from her family environment for her physical and mental safety.

She writes to me at least once a month pretty homemade garnished English letters that I have always enjoyed receiving, in which she talks about her studies, her foster family and her friends. She seems fine, even if it must be tough for her after what she’s been through years ago. I write her back mentioning my family, my work, my trips including pictures and small gifts.

I am so happy and proud if I can, with my means, participate to this young girl’s happiness, so that she can realize her dream to become a doctor thanks to her studies and to cope with life.

I would really like to go to the Philippines one day, it would be a great experience.

To future sponsors, for some gadgets or useless clothes bought during the year, you could also contribute to the education of a child in Philippines, and it is all happiness…