This multi-stakeholder system has been set up within Academies of several regions to make children and young people aware of the world around them, of inequalities and of international solidarity. The objective is to encourage their civic engagement to build a more united world, respectful of human rights and the environment.

Since 2014, our Actions écoles” (School actions) program has enabled children and young people to discover their rights and become agents of change by embodying the values of equality, peace and solidarity. We are delighted to have participated in Tandems Solidaires (Solidarity Tandem) this year to develop a long-term partnership with young people.

Our Solidarity Tandem with Henri Vincenot Highschool

For the 2020-2021 school year, CAMELEON has formed a Solidarity Tandem with two Grade 12 STMG classes (Sciences and Technologies of Management) from the Henri Vincenot high school in Louhans in the Saône-et-Loire department.

We have facilitated several sessions and implemented remote actions around children’s rights, equality between girls and boys and international solidarity. High school students participated in our competition in November 2020 during the Universal Children’s Day and organized a solidarity collection of toys and sports equipment in March 2021 for CAMELEON in the Philippines.

CAMELEON warmly thanks the young people for their mobilization in this project which made it possible to collect sports equipment and clothing as well as games and toys which will soon be sent to our beneficiaries in the Philippines. By promoting our association, the living conditions of children in the Philippines and the commitment of our Founding Director, we hope to have strengthened their civic awareness and, why not, aroused vocations!