The staff in our Centers work together on a daily basis to support young beneficiaries. It is our duty to ensure their safety given that the COVID-19 virus still circulates widely in parts of the Philippines. In response, CAMELEON organized the vaccinations of a first group of staff in Iloilo. In order to protect beneficiaries and prevent the spread of the virus in our Centers, young girls have only very little contact with the outside world.

Many activities are offered to young beneficiaries to keep them active and focussed during this particularly difficult period. This month, with the help of many Housemothers who look after them every day, the girls learned how to perform manicures and pedicures. A former beneficiary, trained in aesthetics, came to share her knowledge with the girls. Far from their homes, the young girls celebrated Mother’s Day together by organizing group activities combining music, poetry, dance and discussion.

Horticultural activity at the student hostel in Iloilo for young girls in the After Care program. Under the watchful eye of a Housemother, the beneficiaries created their own vegetable garden. They are delighted to discover gardening and to be able to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Since they are the ones who cook their meals, in a few months they will be proud to be able to cook the vegetables and fruits from this garden.

The CAMELEON Advocacy team, which defends children’s rights, remains very active in the fight against sexual abuse despite the pandemic. On May 11, the team held online conferences for students and teachers at a local high school. Advice was given to teachers on how to better manage students who were victims of violence in a classroom. At the same time, the high school students were able to discuss the reality of sexual abuse suffered online.