Retour sur les actions des bénévoles terrains :
Joséphine :

A law student named Joséphine took the 3-month vacation break during her studies to come to the Philippines in order to support the “advocacy and prevention” department. She also played sports with the girls and Julien, and implemented manual activities to be as close to the girls as possible.

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The Baudoux family:

This time, it was a whole family who joined us: Sarah, Alexandre and their 4 children: Samuel, Elionam, Evangeline and Ethan and their babysitter Andréa. After they were directed to CAMELEON by the “Apprentis d’Auteuil”, they took off in December for a short but eventful ten-day mission.
Sarah and Alexandre helped in the Livelyhood program as veterinarians. Their children and Andréa hosted various workshops with the girls: face painting, Brazilian bracelets, singing and drawing lessons, and sports.
We wish them all the best for their world trip as Agents of Change!

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François :

François has been linked with CAMELEON for a long time. He is a sponsor and a volunteer in the Paris office. He decided to go on a field mission for 3 months from January to March. He had to come back to France earlier than expected, but he is already preparing his next mission starting in June.
François is on an IT mission. The Filipino team is using several softwares requiring training.
This mission was a great opportunity for François to help others through volunteering.

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Victoria :

As a nursing student, the end of her curriculum allowed her to have enough time to utilize her skills for a humanitarian cause for 1 month. Victoria was selected to be in charge of the activities over the half-term break in late October. She committed to the follow-ups alongside the centre’s nurse on a daily basis, and organized the annual World Health Day. She also helped the nurse with her daily duties.
In addition to these missions, Victoria spent time with the girls, accompanying them to their circus show or their extracurricular activities. Her only regret? Her mission being too short.

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Julie :

Already in the Philippines, Julie had an interview with Laurence and went straight to Passi the day after. She completed a one-week mission as a nurse and facilitator.
A mission which was as short as it was intense for this Belgian nurse who already had some experience in humanitarian work.

Arnaud :

Arnaud is a painter. He joined us during one month in February to share his passion. His mission consisted in decorating by painting the walls of the Passi centre. Just like every other volunteers, he regretted having such a short amount of time for his mission as he did not get enough time to paint the circus stage. This experience reinforced his will to help others, but also gave him a better perspective on what could happen to him.

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Michel :

Michel is a therapist and an E.F.T (Emotional Freedom Technique) instructor. Developed in the USA, this therapy originates from Chinese medicine and consists in removing an emotion linked to a trauma by tapping certain meridians.
While travelling in the Philippines, Michel offered to train the CAMELEON staff and to use this method on some of the girls. He shared his knowledge during the 2 weeks he spent there.

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